(Clearwisdom.net) Around 7:30 a.m. on October 14, 2011, Mr. Mu Yadong and his wife (a non-practitioner) were arrested by officers from Donggongren Town Police Station in the Weidong District, Pingdingshan City while on their way to drop off their daughter at her elementary school. Their home was ransacked, and the police confiscated a desktop computer, two laptop computers, two cellphones, several dozen copies of Falun Dafa books, and the couple's minivan. Mr. Mu and his wife were taken to the Pingdingshan City Detention Center on the morning of October 15.

Since October 14, Mr. Mu has been on a hunger strike to protest their arrest. He is currently very weak and in critical condition. On the morning of November 1, he was sent to the Pingdingshan City No. 2 Hospital to receive emergency treatment. Uniformed and plainclothes police officers were armed with batons while guarding the area where he was being held.

The Weidong District Procuratorate recently approved Mr. Mu's arrest, despite his protest and weakened condition. The 610 Office in Pingdingshan City, the Weidong District Procuratorate, and the Donggongren Town Police Station were all involved in the approval of the arrest.

We call for help from inside and outside of China to rescue Mr. Mu.

People involved in the persecution:
Yang Honglai: +86-13623759501 (Cell)
Han Dewei: +86-13503753531 (Cell)

Donggongren Town Police Station:
Zheng Lu, director: +86-18637570001 (Cell)
Jin Weifeng, deputy director in charge of security: +86-13837568088
Zhang Quanying, head of 610 Office in Pingdingshan City: +86-375-2666008, +86-13700756656 (Cell)