(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Shanshan is a Falun Gong practitioner and is the wife of Mr. Zhou Xiangyang. Officers from Tangshan Domestic Security Division, in collaboration with Gangbei Prison in Tianjin, arrested her and her husband on March 5, 2011.

Ms. Li Shanshan

Ms. Li openly spoke out about her husband's detention in Gangbei Prison after she was released. She wrote an open letter to appeal for her husband, stating that he had been wrongly sentenced and was suffering terribly. This letter, entitled “A Young Couple's Journey: Zhou Xiangyang's Fiancee Appeals Seven Years for His Release,” was published and carried by multiple media outlets outside of China. Many people from Mr. Zhou's hometown were moved after reading the letter, and signed a petition originated by Ms. Li to demand his release. The petition also states that those responsible for this persecution must be brought to justice. As of late September, nearly 2,300 people have signed the petition.

Nearly 1,500 people in Mr. Zhou's hometown signed the petition demanding his release, and that the prison officials be held legally responsible for the brutal treatment of Mr. Zhou.

More signatures on the petition. As of late September, nearly 2,300 people had signed the petition.

Officers from Tangshan Domestic Security Division arrested Ms. Li again on October 29, 2011, while she was at Xintiandi Supermarket. She is currently detained in Fengrun Brainwashing Center.

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Those responsible for the persecution:
Xu Demao, head of Tangshan City Political and Judiciary Committee: +86-315-2846948,
Chen Jianfu, head of Fengrun District 610 Office: +86-315-3135499
Qian Limin, head of Fengrun Brainwashing Center: +86-315-3081152, +86-315-3952667
Tangshan Domestic Security Division: +86-315-2530200, +86-315-2530202