(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wan Shuqing from Tangyuan County in Heilongjiang Province was illegally detained in the No. 5 Ward of Jiamusi Prison in Heilongjiang Province on September 22, 2011. He was severely beaten by political instructor Wang Chen, resulting in facial injuries and hearing loss in his left ear. He also experienced headaches and dizziness. When Mr. Wan told Wang Chen that it was against the law to beat him, Wang replied, “If you think that I'm violating the law, then sue me.” He then struck Mr. Wan's face several more times.

On September 28, Mr. Wan's mother, two sisters and uncle went to visit him in Jiamusi Prison because they had heard that he had been beaten. However, the assistant political instructor of the No. 5 Ward Song Yunlong, team leader Wang Qingjun and an officer with the last name of Zhang, from the prison's 610 Office, prevented them from seeing him. When the family members mentioned that he'd been beaten, both Song and Wang denied their accusation.

Mr. Wan's family tried to visit him again on September 30. When Song Yunlong asked them how they knew that Mr. Wan had been beaten, a family member replied, “If this didn't happen, why don't you allow us to see him?” They then requested a meeting with the head of the prison, but their request was denied. Instead, they met with Dong Daquan from the Jiamusi Prison 610 Office. They informed him about Mr. Wan's beating, and also explained the principle of “Good will be rewarded and evil will meet with retribution.” Dong agreed to help them, and when they finally saw Mr. Wan, he told them that since he was beaten, he has felt a constant chill on his head and cold air coming from his ears.

When Mr. Wan's family visited him again on October 8, he said: “Since October 1, I've experienced headaches - serious at times, and my hearing in one ear is almost completely gone.” He requested a medical examination, and was taken to the prison hospital, where the doctor said he was in good health. Team Leader Wang Qingjun also said that he was fine. Mr. Wan and his family requested an examination at a hospital outside the prison, to which the prison officials initially agreed. However, when Mr. Wan's family visited him again on October 10, he had still not been to another hospital, and his headaches had become worse. His family again requested an outside examination, but prison officials provided several excuses which prevented them from taking him.

On October 12, Mr. Wan's family visited him again. His condition had become worse, and he still suffered from headaches and dizziness, and felt weak. Only now he also suffered from memory loss. Prison officials still refused to allow him to get treatment at another hospital.

Mr. Wan phoned his family members on October 13. He informed them that he was doing much better, and that a prison doctor said that his recovery was going well. He also told them not to visit again, as his prison term was to end soon. This news surprised and concerned his family, so they went to the prison the following day. Mr Wan told them that his health was not getting better and that he was still in pain, and said that he phoned them because he didn’t want them to worry about him.

When Mr. Wan asked the prison officials for a copy of his medical report, Wang Chen asked him if he was trying to cause trouble. Mr. Wan told his family members that he has been put under a great deal of pressure by the prison officials, and that some of the inmates had been ordered to harass and beat him.

Mr. Wan's family members reported this abuse to the Political Correction Department, and requested Mr. Wan's release. Division head Cao Jianwu said that it was fine to take him out for medical treatment, but he can't go home. When his family members requested a meeting with the prison management concerning Mr. Wan's situation, Cao told them that they were already aware of his situation and would investigate the complaint.

Mr. Wan's physical condition has been deteriorating. He and his family keep requesting bail in order to receive medical attention, but prison officials have still not allowed him to do so. Wang Qingjun and Song Yunlong still prevent Mr. Wan's family from meeting with the head of the prison.

Those involved in the persecution:

Head of Jiamusi Prison: +86-13351666999
Wang Qingjun, team leader, No. 5 Ward in Jiamusi Prison: +86-454-8816295 (office)
Song Yunlong, assistant political instructor, No. 5 Ward in Jiamusi Prison: +86-454-8816286 (office)