(Clearwisdom.net) I have now become a computer technician thanks to the compassionate protection and support of revered Master, and the selfless and patient help of fellow practitioners! Dafa is miraculous.

Since there were very few practitioners in our area who could provide technical support, I felt I should learn those technologies so that I could help myself and support other practitioners. As a woman in my 50s in my area, I had not had the opportunity to learn such skills before in my life. Because of this wish, Master arranged an opportunity for me. In 2009, a practitioner one day asked if I wanted to learn some computer skills. This was how two other practitioners and I began to learn computer skills.

It is easier said than done. In the first three days, the practitioner patiently taught us how to install PC single and double systems, drivers and software. We also learned about system backup, basic computer settings, security settings and CD/DVD copying. Because of the lack of computer knowledge and my age, I had to make an extra effort. We sometimes would study until midnight. We also encountered numerous operational problems. Thankfully, with the practitioner's help, the problems were eventually resolved.

Dafa is extraordinary! With Master's support, Dafa disciples are also extraordinary. We experienced many mysterious things when trying computer systems. One experience involved installation of a single boot operating system on a notebook. Without knowing how, we employed the same approaches for encryption of a disk and encountered more problems. An inspiration suddenly came forth and we tried a different approach. Surprisingly, it worked. We realized at that moment that Master was supporting us.

With updates in computer systems and technologies and continuous help from practitioners, our techniques have gradually improved. We now not only maintain our own computers, but also help other practitioners solve technical problems. To ensure that any computer system we install is the best and safest, we always spend as much time as needed.

With my computer skills, I established a truth clarification materials site at home despite my busy schedule. I have a regular full time job. In addition, I study the “Fa,” practice the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth. My schedule became even busier after I started to provide computer support to other practitioners. In the beginning, I helped practitioners anywhere and anytime needed. However, as time went by, I felt that the computer technical work took too much of my time and interfered with my “Fa” study. On the way home after solving computer problems for a practitioner, I addressed my concern with another practitioner who worked with me that day. She advised me that we Dafa disciples are one body and should make advancements as one body. Maintaining practitioners' computers implicitly helps them establish material information sites and saves more sentient beings. I was enlightened by her advice. Indeed, all of what I have was given by Master and are resources that should support Dafa. My prehistoric vow may well be to help Master rectify the “Fa” through helping others with such technologies. I thus no longer complain and will help practitioners without regret until the end of “Fa” rectification.