(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Gao Shuhua from Boli County, Heilongjiang Province, 47 years old, was illegally arrested by the Boli County Domestic Security Division again on July 21. She is now in Qitaihe City Detention Center. Previously, she was held in Boli County Detention Center and she was denied visitation rights.

Pressured by Ms. Gao's family, the Boli County Police Department transferred her from Boli County Detention Center to Qitaihe City Detention Center at the end of July. Although head of the county detention center Gao Yunjun and head of the Domestic Security Division Shi Wanxin said that Ms. Gao's case was being handled by Qitaihe City and that Boli County had no say in the matter, they were lying. In reality, they secretly collected information on Ms. Gao, intending to sentence her to forced labor. On August 10, officer Dong Ye from the County Domestic Security Division told Ms. Gao Shuhua's husband to sign the documents sentencing his wife to forced labor. Subsequently, officer Bai Yugang from the same division went to the detention center to inform Ms. Gao that she had been sentenced to two years of forced labor. He also told her that she would be transferred to a labor camp on August 18.

Ms. Gao's family was informed of her being sentenced to forced labor on August 14 when they visited her at the detention center. Before that, on August 11 and 12, her mother and second-oldest sister went to the Qitaihe City Police Department to ask for her release when they learned that she had been transferred to Qitaihe City. Qitaihe City Police Department head Zhu Kongqin said, “This case should be handled by Boli County. We only acted on instructions given by the county when we transferred her to Qitaihe City.” After he was told that Ms. Gao suffered from heart disease and her heart could stop at any moment, he said, “We will release Ms. Gao if Boli County agrees to it. You can go home now.”

Ms. Gao's mother and sister returned to Boli County again to get authorities there to release her. This time, county police department head Gao Yunjun and domestic division head Shi Wanxin avoided meeting with them.

At present, Ms. Gao is still being held in Qitaihe City Detention Center. We appeal to those with a sense of justice to pay attention to this case and help rescue Ms. Gao.

Individuals participating in the persecution:

Head of the 610 Office Hao Yongpo: 86-464-8537610 (Office), 86-464-8543369 (Home)
Head of the Domestic Security Division Shi Wanxin: 86-464-8531579 (Office), 86-13351143000 (Cell)
Deputy Head of Boli County Police Department Gao Yunjun: 86-454-8535908 (Office), 86-464-8529908 (Home), 86-13903674908 (Cell)
Head of Qitaihe Detention Center Zheng Guiyi: 86-13946531224 (Cell)