(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Shuxiang, who is in her late sixties, along with Ms. Liu Xinmei, were illegally arrested in Zhayuan City on June 12, 2010, when they spoke to people about the persecution of Falun Gong. Agents from the Zhaoyuan 610 Office took them to the Linglong Brainwashing Center, where they were held for nearly three months. The two practitioners were then sent to the Shandong Province No. 2 Women's Forced Labor Camp on September 2, without their families being informed. Ms. Zhang was sentenced to two years of forced labor and Ms. Liu was sentenced to one and a half years.

Ms. Zhang has been subjected to brutal persecution numerous times by agents from the Zhaoyuan 610 Office, officers from the brainwashing facilities, local government, and police over the past eleven years. She has been tortured to the brink of death many times.

Agents from the Zhaoyuan 610 Office sentenced Ms. Zhang to four years in prison in 2005. Just one year after her release, she is being subjected to forced labor.

Liu Shujun, head of the Zhaoyuan City 610 Office: 86-535-8159038 (Office), 86-535-8210838 (Home), 86-13863808689 (Cell)