(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wang Taoying from Yueyang, Hubei Province, is 74 years old. She suffered from late-stage stomach cancer in 1997. On May 30, 1997, she began to practice Falun Gong. Six days later, Teacher cleansed her body and she began to vomit and pass blood. She was still able to eat and sleep, though. From then on, all symptoms of her cancer and other illnesses disappeared and she became energetic.

Former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin started the persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. On October 20, Ms. Wang and two other practitioners went to the Yueyang City Appeal Office and asked the authorities to restore the reputation of Falun Dafa and Teacher and allow practitioners to exercise in public. The authorities refused, and the three practitioners went to Beijing. The police caught them as soon as they got off the train and tried to coerce them to shout slogans to slander Teacher. They refused and were arrested. Ms. Wang was locked up for four days, before her employer bailed her out.

On the evening of January 16, 2001, Hu, the head of the Jin'e'shan Police Station, and collaborator Guo (female) went to Ms. Wang's house and told her to come with them to the police station for questioning. After Ms. Wang got into the car, she was taken to the Yueyang City Detention Center and locked up.

After being imprisoned for three months, Ms. Wang and other practitioners went on a hunger strike. They were force-fed, beaten and verbally abused. Guard Huang Jiao fiercely slapped Ms. Wang in the face.

Some of the practitioners became very weak due to the torture, and their lives were in danger. Officials from the detention center had to release these practitioners. The guards told Ms. Wang's family to pay 1000 yuan before her release and had her employer revoke her retirement pay for five months.

On February 6, 2002, Ouyang Hua, head of the Jin'e'shan Police Station; collaborator Ma Zejun; and officer Li Fei told her to go to the police station for questioning and took her to the Yueyang City Detention Center again.

Three months later, Ms. Wang fell down and became unconscious. The prison doctor could not revive her and told officials from the 610 Office and the Domestic Security Division to take her to a hospital. A doctor at the hospital said, "All her organs have failed. Inform her family to take her home and prepare for her death." In order to shirk their responsibilities, officials from the 610 Office agreed to release her home.

After she got home, by studying the teachings and doing the exercises of Falun Gong, Ms. Wang quickly recovered.

Afterward, agents from the Junshan District 610 Office and officer Zhao Wenhua from the Domestic Security Division arrested Ms. Wang and held her in the Yueyang Detention Center for 41 days. Zhao told Ms. Wang's family that they had to pay 1000 yuan, which is not part of the legal procedure.