(Clearwisdom.net) I remember that, when I was little, I daydreamed a lot. Often my dreams would center on how wonderful it would be to have a teacher with boundless power. When there was a disaster, my teacher would come, sitting on a cloud, if I called for help. This thought remained with me until I met Master Li. At that time I knew my dream was finally realized. That was the happiest moment in my life.

In the beginning, I felt especially good when I heard the name "Falun Gong." I was anxious to learn it as soon as possible. I was excited. I thought my whole family would join the class when Master came to teach.

But, I felt very disappointed when I heard Master would not come to Jiamusi. Later, I heard that Master Li would teach the last class at Harbin, but that he would only teach the Fa and not the exercises, so it would be a five-day class. I was very excited. I thought I should not miss this opportunity. Otherwise, I would miss my last chance, and I was determined to become a practitioner. No difficulty would be able to keep me away. I arranged to have someone to take care of my child because children were not allowed to attend, and I went to Harbin. That was August 5, 1994, a day I will never forget.

Master's class was held in the Harbin Ice Hockey Stadium. Master also taught the exercises. All those who attended were very happy. There were four thousand people in the class. When I met Master for the first time, I felt happy. Master appeared composed, was dressed neatly, looked tall, and had a kind, father-like smile, which made me feel very close to him.

Master did everything with great seriousness. He had a simple lifestyle, did not ride around in luxurious hired cars, and seldom went to restaurants. He often ate only instant noodles and was always on time at the class to teach the Fa. Practitioners listened to Master attentively. Because there were many people, it was hot in the stadium. Many fanned themselves. When they heard Master start to teach, they stopped waving their fans. Indeed, we felt a stream of cool wind blow through the stadium, and all of us felt especially cool.

While teaching the exercises, I felt my body expand into other spaces, and I felt I was floating. I saw that Master's body was enormous, and there was a purple ring of light around His head. Master's voice was strong and powerful. A series of Faluns followed his every word and sentence.

When Master talked about opening the Celestial Eye, I immediately felt the muscles piling up in my forehead, and my head was uncomfortably swollen. After I returned to my apartment that night, I saw a colorful spiral-like wheel. My Celestial Eye was still uncomfortably swollen. I pressed my Celestial Eye with my hand and said again and again that I did not want to see. In a short while, I felt good. Master was opening my Celestial Eye, but because I had poor enlightenment quality at that time, I missed an opportunity. Now, I regret that.

As Master's teaching went deeper and continued to open my mind, I felt the Fa resonate deep in my heart. Master's teaching cleansed my heart and set me on the course of a new life journey. I now understood the purpose of my life and knew how to be a true person.

When the class finished, I was sad to have to say goodbye to Master. Master's teaching, His voice, and His smile have stayed with me in my heart for a long time. I know I must do well in following Master to return home.