(Clearwisdom.net) In the past I have seen experience sharing articles on the Clearwisdom website about practitioners sending righteous thoughts for extended periods. I admired the idea, but I did not think that I could do it. A while ago, local Dafa disciples launched a group activity to send forth righteous thoughts for a long period to eradicate evil: three times a week, two hours each time. I participated without missing a single day. For three weeks we intensively sent forth righteous thoughts and I gained many rewarding experiences.

Several of us sent forth righteous thoughts together. In the first few days, after sending forth righteous thoughts for more than an hour, we experienced backaches and leg pains. We could not keep our palms upright and we felt as if we were half asleep. Interfered with by stray thoughts, we kept alternating between holding the palm erect and doing the lotus hand position. Then we started reminding each other and encouraging each other to persevere to the time we had set for sending forth righteous thoughts. By the eighth day, we could hold our palms upright for an hour and hold the big lotus palms position for an hour. Stray thoughts and drowsiness decreased as our Main Consciousnesses became stronger and the energy field became more powerful. Moreover, our righteous thoughts are now focused and strong during the four set times of global sending forth righteous thoughts activities; we can easily do it for 20 to 30 minutes.

Sunday morning at 6:00 o'clock, while sending forth righteous thoughts, I felt that my body was gone after sitting for a while. I felt myself like a mass of steam, unconstrained and tranquil, and all evil was completely eliminated. Then I felt myself elevated to a great white light that illuminated intensely; it was limitless and boundless. Deeply aware of the mysterious Buddha Fa and deeply feeling Master's immense mercy, I had tears in my eyes and my heart was profoundly moved. When it ended, it was already 6:42.

I strongly recognize that this is the result of perseverance with participation in group righteous thoughts of long duration to eradicate evil. I thanked the local practitioners who organized the event that led me to undertake this activity. I also thanked the fellow practitioners who joined me in sending forth righteous thoughts. Their encouragement and support helped me overcome the drowsiness, stray thoughts, and incorrect hand positions while sending forth righteous thoughts and so on. It would have been difficult to keep it up by myself and achieve such enhancements.

Let us treasure this opportunity to coordinate and cooperate with each other to organize group activities of sending forth righteous thoughts. Intensively sending forth righteous thoughts in a group for long periods to eradicate evil can unite us into one strong entity. Let us display the divine powers of Buddha Fa in order to disintegrate the evil at the final stage and to rescue fellow practitioners from detention centers. Let us save more sentient beings and fulfill our prehistoric vows.