(Clearwisdom.net) Many people in China are enraged by the strict Internet censorship enforced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Many Dafa practitioners are among those affected by it. My personal opinion is that the actions taken by non-practitioners cannot have an effect on practitioners who are walking their path to godhood. However, some practitioners indeed cannot access certain websites. I don't think this should happen to us.

I ran into a practitioner who told me, "I haven't been able to connect to the Internet recently. I couldn't use Freegate, and none of the other software worked either." I smiled and said, "Really? Let me try." I had no trouble logging onto the website using Freegate. She was inspired and told me, "You have strong righteous thoughts. Using the same computer and same software, why couldn't I log in?" I said, "You can. But perhaps you thought of yourself as an ordinary person and forgot that you are a practitioner. One thought makes the difference between whether you are a human or a God."

Maybe I fall short in other aspects of cultivation. However, I have never recognized the Internet censorship. I believe that no human method can interfere with practitioners, and I believe that this pure thought conforms to the standard of Dafa. Hence, I believe this to be the reason why I have not encountered difficulty in getting connected to the Internet. I don't mean to show off, but rather encourage those practitioners who are still interfered with to wake up and study the Fa more. We need to be clear about who we are, from the perspective of Fa, look inside, and eliminate our attachments.

The old forces in other dimensions are attentively watching practitioners' every thought and waiting for opportunities to persecute us. We need to clearly realize what our true self is, walk the path arranged by Master, completely reject the arrangement of the old forces, and assist Master in rectifying the Fa.

This is my understanding. Please point out anything that is inappropriate.