Name: Feng Jianzhen (冯建珍 )
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Address: Poshang Village, Xinshi Township, Liquan County, Shaanxi Province
Occupation: Farmer
Date of Most Recent Arrest: July 17, 2008
Most Recent Place of Detention: Forced Labor Camp (name unknown)
County: Liquan
Province: Shaanxi
Persecution Suffered: Forced labor, illegal sentencing, beatings, imprisonment, home ransacked, interrogation, detention
Key Persecutors: Dong Jihao (董继浩), Luo Weikang (雒维刚), and Chen Ping(陈平)

( My name is Feng Jianzhen. I am a resident of Poshang Village, Xinshi Township, Liquan County, Shaanxi Province. There were six people in my family, including my husband, son, daughter-in-law, daughter and grandson. My husband used to have many illnesses and had to take medicine at all times.

Falun Dafa Saved My Family

On October 7, 1997, my son had a car accident. After more than four months of intensive care, he survived but was paralyzed from the waist down. The doctor told me that he would live up to six months, at most a year. My husband was unable to bear the tribulation and became bedridden. I had to take care of the two of them each day. It was a miserable existence. At this most difficult time, a friend gave me the book Zhuan Falun.

April 25, 1998, was an unforgettable day. My practitioner friend invited me to go see the video of Master's lectures. I dragged my husband along. After watching the video, I knew that Falun Gong was good. I was very excited. I understood the cause of my tribulations and knew how to become a better person in the future.

For the convenience of my husband and son, my home became an exercise site. Through exercise and Fa study, their health dramatically improved. My husband did not take any medicine that year and could go to the field to work. My son also improved a lot mentally and physically. All of my illnesses disappeared. The whole family became happy and we had hope. All of our free time was used to study the Fa and do the exercises.

My Husband and Son Passed Away As a Result of the Persecution

Feng Jianzhen's husband

Feng Jianzhen's son

After the persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, my family members and I were followed and our home phone was monitored. To try to force us to give up the practice of Falun Gong, the local police and the officials from the township government frequently came to our home to harass and threaten us.

In January 2000, my daughter got married. After she and her husband came back from their honeymoon, they came to our home. The police arrested both of them. My son-in-law was sentenced to forced labor. My husband was so sad that his health started to deteriorate. However, they kept coming back to harass us.

Around noon on March 1, 2000, several officers from the local police station came to our home to harass us again. After they left, another police officer came by. Soon after he left, several officials from the township government came to threaten us. My husband could not stand the mental torture and passed away the next day.

However, the harassment and threats did not stop. They kept coming back. Once, they forcibly took away the Dafa book from my son's hands even though he was in a wheelchair. Living under fear and threats, my son's health became worse and worse. On June 5, 2010, he passed away, too.

Tortured by Police

After my husband and son passed away, my daughter-in-law left. The family consisted of me and my six-year-old grandson. With Teacher's protection and my firm belief in Dafa, I did not let myself down. I studied Fa, did the exercises, and went out to clarify the truth with righteous thoughts.

However, we had no peace. On July 8, 2005, the police broke into my home and arrested me. They also confiscated a computer, a video player, an MP3, and all my Dafa books and materials. At the police station, they interrogated me, wanting to know where I had gotten the materials. I clarified the truth to them and told them how Falun Gong had saved my family. Four female officers asked me to tell them more about Falun Gong.

The next day, three police officers including Dong Jihao, Luo Weikang, and Chen Ping interrogated me. When I refused to answer, they beat me. My face swelled and I lost a clump of hair. Later, they sent me to Xingping Prison.

My Mother Passed Away after I Was Sentenced to Forced Labor

Feng Jianzhen's mother

In 2007, my grandson and I moved to my daughter's home to live with her. To provide better care for my 80-plus year old mother, I had her move in with us. My mother used to have several illnesses. After I taught her the Falun Gong exercises a few years ago, when she listened to the Fa, her health improved dramatically. She was illiterate, but after a year of learning to read the Fa, she could read almost all of Zhuan Falun.

On the afternoon of July 17, 2008, three police cars arrived at my daughter's home. Over a dozen of officers broke into my daughter's home. Only my mother and I were at home. They ransacked the place and confiscated all the Falun Gong books and materials and all the professional photographic equipment belonging to my daughter's photo studio. Witnessing all this was a great shock to my mother. When they forcibly took me away, she passed out and collapsed. Her face was hurt and started bleeding. Later, my daughter came to the police station to demand my release because of my mother's serious condition. But they drove her away.

A few days later, I was sentenced to three years of forced labor. My mother's health deteriorated and she passed away a few months later. My daughter's photo studio had to be closed down.

With righteousness, I walked out of the labor camp before the three-year term ended and continued to clarify the truth.

Forced to Leave Home

Just a bit before 7:00 a.m. on April 25, 2010, officers from the Liquan County Police Department and the Xinshi Township Police Station arrived at my daughter's home in three police cars. My daughter was not home but they jumped over the fence and broke in. They did not find me there.

Then they they came to my home. I was not home either at the time. They kicked the gate open and broke into my home. They confiscated a computer, two printers, a satellite dish and receiver, a DVD player, a stapler, a paper cutter, and all the Falun Gong books and materials. Then they left with all the doors opened.

To avoid arrest and further persecution, I left home.