(Clearwisdom.net) I have only recently begun my cultivation. I am a 29-year-old woman and have a good job. I am fortunate to have obtained the Fa at this time. I am truly very lucky! I am fortunate, too, because at this special time and in this environment, cultivation has helped me distinguish good from evil and righteous from wicked. Although I have only cultivated for a year, I have experienced such changes that words fail me when I try to describe them. This article is an attempt to tell readers and my friends of my cultivation experience and about the magnificence and the miracles of Dafa.

I first learned about Falun Dafa more than 12 years ago.

My mother obtained the Fa in 1998 when I was 17 years old. Not knowing how to treasure Dafa, I only practiced the exercises twice with her. The only thing I remember was the peaceful and soothing exercise music. Whenever I saw Master's picture, His mercifully smiling face made me feel as if He were a long-lost family member. My mother changed from being hot-tempered into someone who was loving and affectionate. She put others first; furthermore, her physical health became excellent. She is full of energy every day, and does not get tired at the end of the day. Two other women practitioners close to my mother also became very healthy after practicing Falun Gong; their heart ailments and high-blood pressure and other illnesses were miraculously cured.

My energetic mother is in her 50s but looks young for her age. My 85-year-old grandmother is also a practitioner and is very healthy. Everyone in my family knows that Falun Dafa is good, and we all respect Master Li Hongzhi.

My mother and the other practitioners practiced the exercises and studied the Fa together. The harmonious and peaceful atmosphere lasted for merely a year before Jiang Zemin's regime began its persecution of Falun Gong. The police captured Mom and the other practitioners and put them into police vehicles one day while they were practicing the exercises. The police acted like robbers when they ransacked our residence, looking for Falun Gong materials. They used violence on the kindhearted practitioners, who would not retaliate when they were being verbally abused and struck.

Practitioners from our local area went to Beijing to appeal. They were put into police custody and sentenced to prison terms simply because they said, "Falun Dafa is good." The policemen slapped practitioners' faces, and punched and kicked them. A female student was dragged on the frozen ground for a long time by policemen. She almost fainted.

Whenever I heard people slander Dafa at my place of employment - because they did not know the truth - I reminded them that they should not make uninformed remarks because Falun Gong was very good but had been slandered by the regime. Back then, that was the only thing I could do to defend Dafa.

Eleven years later I finally became a practitioner and have since witnessed the miracles of the Buddha Law.

Master began to purify my body even before I became a genuine practitioner. I often felt energy jumping inside my body here and there. Several times in 2008, I dreamed that someone had cleansed lots of dark objects out of my body. However, I did not understand why, and instead thought that I might have caught some disease.

I was going through tremendous tribulations, leaving me deeply troubled and depressed. I constantly had nightmares and was miserable, until one night in May 2009. Seeing me depressed and miserable again, Mom encouraged me to practice the Falun Gong exercises with her. She also told me her dream from the night before: she saw a girl asking her to save her. That dream gave her an insight - that Master was telling her to help me obtain the Fa. I was surprised - was Master protecting me? How did He know I was feeling so depressed and miserable?

For the first time, I practiced the exercises with my whole heart. Although I could not hold my arms up for the entire second exercise, I clearly felt that all the energy channels in my body were opened. My body felt hot and light. I had a very good dream that night: I saw a sign with bright words, "Falun Dafa presents!" I realized that Master hoped I could catch up quickly and had given me a push. He had provided me with a "shovel" to remove all the interferences on my cultivation journey, so that I could assist Him during in the Fa-rectification. Thus I began my cultivation journey.

In the first week or so after I had started to practice, my stomach felt stuffed the whole time. I felt uncomfortable and frail, and my bones hurt. I did not feel like eating anything for several days and had severe diarrhea and other effluents. About a week later I realized that Master was cleansing me and that what I was experiencing was not some kind of sickness. Right after that, all the misery suddenly vanished. I developed a craving for food, a feeling that I had never experienced before in my entire life. As I ate, I cried and expressed my gratitude to Master, "Thank you, Master. Your disciple will diligently cultivate Dafa!"

Through practicing the exercises and studying the Fa regularly, I have understood many things, and my xinxing has been raised. I have become positive and optimistic and have disciplined myself according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. My physical condition has improved, and I feel light when I walk. My friends have told me that I look strong and healthy.

I have seen the bright, golden illumination emanating from the book Zhuan Falun. It truly is a book from heaven! I have also seen flowers from other dimensions - so beautiful that words fail me. When I meditate, I have seen purple Faluns spinning rapidly, with shiny and sparkling lights around them. The Falun World is extremely elegant! I often feel Faluns spinning on top of my head, in my celestial eye, and on my arms, back, and palms. Faluns will spin really fast when I study the Fa diligently, send righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth to people with a pure heart. However, when I slacked off a little, Master used the voice of a family member to tell me in my dream, "You can't continue like this. Don't be afraid; move on bravely!"

Dafa practitioners carry with them the harmonious energy field, within which all living beings assimilate into Dafa. Let me tell you of one magical event I experienced, six months after I began to practice. Walking home from a supermarket, I noticed a pair of leather gloves under one of my armpits, with the magnetic tag intact. It turned out that I had forgotten to pay for the gloves. Somehow, the magnetic tag device did not detect it when I left the store. Immediately I returned to the store to pay for the gloves and to have the tag removed.

I had almost forgotten about the event until a month later, when a similar event occurred. That night I bought a sweater in a supermarket. I rushed to get home. When I got home, I realized that the magnetic tag was still on the sweater. I went back to the store the next day with the receipt to have the magnet tag taken off. The shop assistant was surprised, "It is impossible for anything to leave this building with the magnet tag on. There are magnetic detectors on every floor of the five-story building." I asked her, "Is it possible that the magnetic tags don't work or that your detectors were broken?" She said, "The tags were recently put on, and the detectors by the elevators are all working fine. Besides, it's impossible for all five of them to stop working at the same time." Master said, "In addition to human beings and animals, plants are also lives. Any matter's life can manifest in other dimensions." (Zhuan Falun)

I had another encounter with the miracle of Buddha Law in April 2010. Before, when I initially started practicing, I constantly felt energy moving around my body, and several parts of my body were jumpy. Furthermore, my fingers and toes were numb. As soon as I fell asleep in the evening on April 10, I felt strong energy moving through energy channels into every part of my body. I saw Master in a yellow kasaya, sitting down while the exercise music was playing. Immediately after that I heard a voice saying, "Energy flows through the entire body." Then my body began to rise slowly, as if I was floating. At that moment, my main consciousness was clear and I thought, "I'm really floating." Unable to touch the bed, I realized that I was floating for sure, since I was a hand-distance away from the bed. After a while, upon opening my eyes, I saw that I was back on my bed again.

Reading Zhuan Falun made me aware that what happened to me was a phenomenon called "opening the great heavenly circuit." It might be extremely hard to believe, but it truly had happened to me.

Falun Dafa is supernormal and miraculous! Falun Dafa is the true Buddha Law!