(Clearwisdom.net) Time is pressing for every sentient being as well as every Dafa practitioner. Practitioners need to save as many people as possible and sentient beings have to choose their future within this limited timeframe. During this period, every practitioner bears a great responsibility. If every disciple fulfills this responsibility by clarifying the truth well, then his divine side will manifest.

I would like to share with practitioners the scenes I saw in other dimensions while clarifying the truth. I hope my experience will encourage practitioners to treasure every being, and treasure this period of time and the title, Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.

I work in a restaurant, and my boss is also a practitioner. One day, my boss told me that a classmate whom he had not seen for a long time was going to visit him, and it would be a good opportunity to persuade him to renounce the Chinese Communist Party. His classmate arrived a little after noon. As they had not met for many years, after a few drinks, they started to chat about domestic trivia. I sat beside them, sending righteous thoughts continuously. I could sense that my boss was very nervous because he does not clarify the truth very often.

Suddenly, I saw the image of a divine being appear behind his back, and it was very sacred. His classmate suddenly became very small. He bent his head as if listening to the compassionate teachings of a magnificent god. However at this moment, this practitioner stopped clarifying the truth out of fear. After a while, I could feel that his righteous thoughts were diminishing. Consequently, the indescribably sacred image of a god was slowly disappearing. When he gave up clarifying the truth to his classmate, the holy image disappeared completely.

During this period, Dafa disciples have been endowed with great capabilities. They can do many things that an everyday person cannot do. When they have righteous thoughts, their divine sides will manifest. All the bad thoughts of everyday human beings will vanish in front of a god. In fact, sentient beings are awakening. The important thing is, as we save sentient beings, we must do it with our hearts, not rely on others, and do it steadfastly. We will then be able to fulfill the vows we made.