(Clearwisdom.net) I was so fortunate to start to practice Falun Dafa in April 1997. I had arthritis back then. My whole body ached and it was difficult for me to walk. I couldn't get out of bed. A relative recommended Falun Gong to me so I decided I'd practice together with him and other practitioners. Thus, they played Teacher's Fa lecture DVDs at my home and taught me how to do Dafa exercises. Without realizing when and how, I got well.

I didn't know how to read so it was a challenge for me to study the Fa. I was determined that I must be able to read Zhuan Falun. When I studied the Fa at home, I'd ask my kids when I came across Chinese characters that I didn't recognize. After some time, I was able to read Zhuan Falun. Now I can read all of Teacher's lectures. It was Teacher and the power of the Fa that gave me wisdom.

A fellow practitioner and I went to Beijing in 2000. To take the train, other people were required to present their IDs; however, nobody checked ours. We arrived at Tiananmen Square very easily and saw many practitioners from other regions. Police officers illegally arrested us and took us to an office.

Police from our local area took us back to our hometown at about 2 a.m. They bound us to a big tree and didn't give us food or water. My kids brought me food and water. The police refused to unbind me, thus, my kids had to feed me. The practitioner who went to Beijing with me was there too. Her family was unsupportive and so didn't come to take care of her. My kids then brought food and water to feed her as well.

Before the Spring Festival in 2001, some Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members arrested and detained me at the Shouguang Detention Center for fifteen days. I clarified the truth to criminal inmates there so they all knew Falun Dafa is good. They said they'd practice Falun Gong after they were released. During my detention, my children came and cried and begged me to promise not to practice Dafa anymore. I'd be released if I said so. I responded, "My life path is determined by Teacher. Nobody else can make a decision for me." My husband knelt and begged me to denounce my belief in Dafa, too. I said, "I will always practice Dafa and study the Fa. I will never give up."

I was released five days before the Spring Festival. After I came back home, a CCP member said, "Whoever continues to practice Falun Gong will lose his or her land." They also disconnected the electricity to my house. My husband said to the kids, "Even if I have to go begging for food, we will support your mom's practicing Falun Gong." My husband even urged me to go out to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. My husband hasn't started to practice Dafa, but he has been very supportive of me.

In September 2003, the police arrested me again. I saw them beating a fellow practitioner. I said, "Don't beat her. I gave her those materials." An officer then picked up an electric baton and came at me. Suddenly, his phone rang. He took the call. I thought, "They are sentient beings that need to be saved as well." When he came back, he let me sit down and even brought me some water. I then started to explain to him the facts of Falun Dafa. He asked, "Was it you who distributed those materials and banners?" I said, "Yes, it was all done by me. If you don't believe it, go check around the village. I did it all. If I had a flyer with me now, I would give one to you, too." I made the best use of the time to clarify the truth to him. He stopped talking. Eventually, I asked him, "Isn't Falun Dafa good?" He smiled and didn't ask me anything else.

The police came to my home again to try to arrest me during the Olympic Games in 2008. Over fifty of them came. My husband, children and neighbors all came out to help me and stopped them from taking me away. I sent forth righteous thoughts to ask Teacher to strengthen me. As a result, the police couldn't take me away. They harassed my family for a few hours and left in vain.

My leg is disabled. I can't walk very well. Therefore I always go out during the daytime to clarify the truth and save people. When I distribute Dafa materials, I talk to people face to face when I bump into those that have predestined relationships with me. I tell them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations to stay safe. Those who have learned the truth have all quit the CCP, the Chinese Communist Youth League, and/or the Chinese Communist Young Pioneers. When people later see me, they often invite me to their house to take a rest and drink some water. I am very moved to see those people who have been saved treating me so well. I take it as encouragement that I should do even better in the future.