Name: Jin Chengshan (金成山)
Gender: Male
Age: Late 40s
Address: Hulan District in Harbin (哈尔滨呼兰区)
Occupation: Former officer at Hulan District Police Department (原呼兰区公安局警察)
Date of Most Recent Arrest: May 2010
Most Recent Place of Detention: Hulan Prison (呼兰监狱)
City: Harbin
Province: Heilongjiang
Persecution Suffered: Illegal sentencing, home ransacked, detention
Key Persecutors: Jiang Jimin, deputy head of Hulan District Public Security Bureau (呼兰区公安分局副局长姜继民); Chen Zhaolin, head of the local Domestic Security Division and head of Harbin City Public Security Bureau (国保大队队长陈兆林,哈市公安局局长)

( Mr. Jin Chengshan is in critical condition at Hulan Prison. He is paralyzed from the chest down. The muscles in his back and hips are seriously injured and he can only lie on his front. Since the beginning of August 2010, the pressure ulcers on his body have started to bleed. Permission was granted for him to be released from the prison for medical treatment, but prison officials still made various excuses to prevent him from leaving.


Practitioner Mr. Jin Chengshan

Mr. Jin had a car accident in 1996 and was left paralyzed from the chest down. He developed pressure ulcers from being bedridden, and tried many forms of medical treatment, but nothing seemed to help. Feeling hopeless, Mr. Jin started to practice Falun Gong. The pressure ulcers soon disappeared, his health improved and he did not require any further medication.

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong in 1999, Mr. Jin wrote letters to the authorities and called his former colleagues to tell them the truth about the persecution. He contacted Jiang Jimin, deputy head of Hulan District Public Security Bureau; Chen Zhaolin, head of the local Domestic Security Division; and Chang Jianghai from the Domestic Security Division. Mr. Jin advised them not to follow the CCP's directives to persecute practitioners. Jiang Jimin and Chen Zhaolin then had Mr. Jin's telephone tapped and monitored his home.

Chen Zhaolin and others forced their way into Mr. Jin's home on December 22, 2006, and arrested him and his wife. Mr. Jin was handcuffed and taken to the Harbin No.4 Detention Center, but they refused to accept him. Then the head of the Harbin Public Security Bureau ordered the detention center to take Mr. Jin. With no one to take care of him at the detention center, he did not defecate for nine days and was in tremendous pain. The pressure ulcers on his hips, buttocks and back also started to ooze yellow pus and blood.

Wanting to get rid of him, the two directors at the Harbin No.4 Detention Center took Mr. Jin to the Hulan District Detention Center and left him in the hallway of the entrance. Mr. Jin's wife, Ms. Jiao Xiaohua, was brought from Harbin No.2 Detention Center by Fan Guixiang, the deputy head of Hulan District Detention Center, to take care of him.

Due to pressure from the local branch of the Public Security Bureau, Mr. Jin was sentenced to five years in prison by officials from the Hulan District Court. He was sent to the Hulan Prison on April 24, 2007. Ms. Jiao Xiaohua was sentenced to three years in prison.

When Mr. Jin's family was finally able to take him home to receive medical treatment, police officers broke into his home on May 5, 2010, and took him back to prison. Mr. Jin is currently in prison, and he is in critical condition.

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