(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I am a practitioner from New York City and would like to report to Master and practitioners about the course of my cultivation and validating Falun Dafa. I began cultivation on December 18, 1995. The great benevolent Master purified my body, purified my soul and guided me to walk the path of returning to my true self. I can't describe the Buddha's infinite grace and compassion with words.

Obtaining the Fa

Prior to my retirement in China I was a mechanical engineer. Due to the long-term fatigue and pressures from work I had suffered badly from sleeplessness; had hepatitis; pain in the legs and had hyper-osteogeny. I was often treated in a hospital.

My younger son came to Atlanta, U.S. on December 18, 1995 and brought me the precious books Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong and the exercise instruction tape.

I experienced exactly what Master said once I had read the books several times: I raised my level and understood how to conduct myself, and comprehended much about many mysteries that were previously unexplainable to me. In the first few weeks of studying the Fa, I vomited and had diarrhea, but quickly passed this stage, just like nothing happened. I felt light when I walked up the stairs and didn't feel tired, no matter how far I walked.

Since that moment I felt my life has a purpose; my body and soul had gone through huge changes. All the illnesses I had before were gone; all the symptoms disappeared. I felt energetic and had more strength. As time passed, I gained great benefits from studying the Fa and practicing the exercises over the long term.

The Test of Sickness Karma

In the summer of 2004 I had a high temperature. Nobody in the family lived close by. So no one knew about my circumstance. Plus everyone was very busy. I slept much for four days; didn't eat and drink and could not get up, either. As long as I was conscious I said to Master in my mind: I am Master's disciple, what others said doesn't count; I only listen to Master. Then I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors. I felt asleep again. It went on like this over and over again for several days. My son asked me to go to his place. He wanted to take care of me. With the help of my landlady, a flight attendant, I came to North Carolina. After I arrived at my son's home I remained bedridden for another two weeks but gradually recovered. I got up and persisted in doing the following things well: meditating, reading the books, and sending the righteous thoughts four times each day. After few more days I was able to get up, holding onto the edge of the bed.

Right after I recovered a little I continued to send the truth clarification materials to China, doing the three things well. I recovered very quickly. My skin became bright, as if my whole body had changed skin. This made me understand that I must study the Fa seriously, and keep righteous thoughts and righteous actions; then everything will change, and a miracle will happen. I went through this big tribulation, just like that.

Doing Well on Cleaning Bathrooms

I was in charge of cooking and cleaning when I came to the NTDTV station. I left the kitchen when the chef and assistants arrived. My new, flexible assignments were to work at the front reception desk on weekends plus cleaning the bathrooms. I did not need to come in every day. After a while NTDTV's new policy was instated: a young practitioner replaced all senior practitioners at the front desk. I was informed to clean the men and women's bathrooms full time at my choice of weekday work hours.

I was not very happy that I had to come every day. If someone were to ask me what I do at the NTDTV station, and I say, "Cleaning the bathrooms;" it did not sound good. But I immediately thought it over: I am a senior citizen; I do not know English or computers; what can I do? We are so short of people; should I let the young and skilled practitioners clean toilets? No, I should not. I should do it without attachments and conditions. Let them focus on the TV programs.

Moreover, once I accepted the job, I had to fulfill my responsibilities, do it without any time limit, condition or return. I cannot fail Master's expectations he has for every Dafa disciple. As a part of the one body I should complete my job unconditionally, without excuses, and simply do it well.

The building is very old; the toilets often clog; usually we would wait for a male practitioner to unclog them. I didn't think it was difficult. Isn't it just bad smell and dirty? I'm not afraid of it. I took the responsibility. I remembered the story in Zhuan Falun - about a practitioner who was assigned an apartment at a work place; he gave the apartment to someone else; people asked him what he wanted, and his reply, "Since no one wants the pieces of stone on the ground, I will pick them up." If he could treat loss and gain like that, why couldn't I do the same? I cannot simply say, "I will listen to Master;" I need actually to put these words into action.

I took the initiative to do more cleaning - mopping the hallway floor and bathroom floor every day. Especially the men's bathroom - I mop it often so it would not smell. The TV station often invites VIP guests to visit; the bathrooms must be maintained clean. I treated this job as my serious responsibility. I didn't draw a line for what my responsibilities are mine and what are not mine; it's my job to serve other practitioners well. I try my best with what I can do to support NTDTV.

I also work for the Logistics Department. I have never declined anything that my supervisor assigned me to do; I did all with the best of my ability in time. Our TV station is located in a commercial building, with many restrictions on preparing meals. After receiving several complaints of strong smells from Chinese cooking, there were limited dishes that could be prepared for practitioners. I am assigned to make meat stews twice a week. I felt obligated to do this well. Many practitioners gave feedback that my dishes tasted good, so I felt pleased. My job is to serve our practitioners - to have them eat well so that they have more energy to do well with TV programs.

I live quite far from where I work. It took me almost five hours to buy meat and get home to prepare the dishes. Once I finish cooking and bring food to the TV station, a day is almost gone. Getting on and off the subway was the hardest - very few practitioners living in NY have cars. Manhattan traffic is bad. I have to carry all the heavy meat dishes by myself. It sounds scary. I am a 70-year-old woman; how could I carry them up and down the subway stairs? Not to mention to transfer trains without an elevator or an escalator. But, cultivation is magical and extraordinary; there was always someone who helped when I went up and down the stairs. Sometimes it was a blonde-haired pretty lady with blue eyes; sometimes a gentlemen in a suit and tie. Sometimes someone came down the stairs just to help me. At each of those moments I was grateful to Master from the bottom of my heart. Master is so compassionate and cares for each Dafa disciple. When I could not carry things, someone always appeared to help me.

Recently no one was available at the front desk on Sundays. I was assigned to substitute. I accepted the job. Now we are short of people. I will do whatever they ask me to do, without question.

Spreading Dafa to People around Me

I applied for senior housing a few years ago. Normally, the wait would be three years, but I got it in two months. It's located in northern Manhattan's Harlem area. I came to an immediate insight: This location is for rescuing the people there because no one has come here to distribute Dafa flyers. I started to distribute Dafa materials at the nearby subway stations. The effect was good. Some of the people thanked me; some wanted to learn the exercises; some helped me to distribute the flyers. Because I couldn't speak English, I pointed at the Falun Dafa website on the flyer to them, they all understood.

Trying my Best to Contribute to Dafa Projects

I have donated money to different Dafa projects for nearly ten years. It was not much, because my salary was low. I donated mostly to The Epoch Times, NTDTV, and to the cause for quitting the CCP. Even though it was not a lot of money, it is to show my support. I wanted to lend a hand to everyone and make a donation whenever I have some money.

Now all the projects are short of money. What little I contribute comes from my earnings. Now the U.S. government provides me with a living allowance. By living simply, I still have some money left after I pay for housing and food. I put my whole heart in doing well the things to rescue people to show my appreciation for Master's compassion.

Based on my past health, it would not have been possible for me to stand here today and speak with everyone, it would not have been possible to have done what I have accomplished today. Master has given me everything: my life, money, and everything else. I live very well now. Words cannot express my gratitude toward Master.

The Importance of Sending Righteous Thoughts

I have realized the importance of sending righteous thoughts four times a day. It's best that we don't miss any. If the environment allows, it's best to sit in the lotus position and do hand gestures; no matter how busy we are, we should stop doing whatever we were doing to send righteous thoughts. During the designated times we should not chat, or make phone calls, or do other things. All these things can resume after we send righteous thoughts. We can't lie on a bed for that. The hand gestures must be right. We should treat it seriously, not casually; otherwise the evil would take advantage of the loopholes.

The recent Fahui at Washington, DC made me realized even more that the time for the Fa rectification will not prolong endlessly. We must treasure the time, work more diligently to do well in assisting Master during Fa rectification and offer sentient beings salvation.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!