The so-called "House of Love" in the Xiaguan District of Nanjing City is actually a facility which runs brainwashing sessions in an attempt to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Inside the iron gate of the entrance are over ten rooms that are guarded 24 hours a day, under the direction of the local 610 Office. There is an administrative office, main conference room, and duty room for officers. The rest of the rooms are used to illegally detain practitioners. The room arrangement is similar to a hospital ward. Every room has two to three beds. Some rooms only have one small window set up high on the wall. Every room has an alarm on the door.

Led by Chen Dongxiao, a 610 Officer from the Xiaguan District who is active in the torture of practitioners, officers from the local 610 Office work with the residents' committees and local police stations, using every means imaginable to arrest practitioners. Some officers break into practitioners' homes and arrest them, while others go to their place of employment and deceive practitioners into attending a brainwashing session. Some even apprehend practitioners right off the street, catching them completely off-guard, and drag them into their police vehicles.

610 Office agents immediately lock the main entrance and all the doors when the practitioners arrive, trapping them in the tiny brainwashing room, which is only a few square meters and cut off from the outside. Newly arrested practitioners are usually locked in this kind of a small room for one week while they are subjected to various brainwashing methods.

Under the officer's directives, several take turns in brainwashing practitioners, threatening and attempting to manipulate them into giving up their practice. Shi Xiuhua from Nanjing City identifies herself as a Buddhist scholar and actively assists the 610 Office in persecuting practitioners. Those officers who agree to participate in this torture receive a daily salary and are offered free lunch. They also force practitioners to read materials slandering Falun Dafa.

Cheng thought of a new way to heighten the impact of brainwashing. Besides brainwashing practitioners, officers are now themselves brainwashed regularly. They 610 Office has removed beds from several rooms, turning them into observation rooms, where the officers are closely monitored. The Office has put Buddhist reference books, historical books, and other books for mind manipulation in the room and has created an activity (conversation) room and a video game room. A bulletin board filled with propaganda is prominently displayed on a wall of the main conference room. Head shots of those who were forced to give up their belief in Falun Dafa hang on the walls. Most of the people in the photos are brainwashed practitioners from Judong Women's Forced Labor Camp, Nantong City Women's Prison, and different brainwashing centers. They came from the Xiaguan District and other districts in Nanjing City. Finally, the 610 Office has hung up a sign and has advertised the brainwashing center at 17 Tangshan Road, Xiaguan District as the "House of Love."

Every Saturday, Cheng invites so-called "experts" to the brainwashing center to do a presentation in order to maintain control over the brainwashing officers. When Chen Dongxiao notices officers beginning to wake up to their vicious acts and start to feel regret, he immediately takes action, using both persuasion and threats to brainwash them and constrain them tightly at the brainwashing sessions. Chen himself personally brainwashes officers, assigning them tasks and arranging the plans. Every day two officers are assigned to be on duty and the group leader assigns tasks to the rest. Some are responsible for coaxing practitioners to the brainwashing center by telling them that there will be an experience sharing. Some form groups of two to three and go to practitioners' homes to spread the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) propaganda. Some were organized by the 610 Office to go to Nanjing City Women's Prison, Nantong City Women's Prison, and other brainwashing facilities to spread the CCP's propaganda.

To further persecute practitioners and poison the minds of the public, "House of Love" also compiled a magazine called "Soul Relay Station," of which Chen is the chief editor. The institution has also hired consultants to assist in the brainwashing. The list includes officers from the Nanjing City Culture Administration, Gulou District Anti-Cult Association head Lu Yangchun, and the Education Office of the Jiangsu Province Forced Labor Camp Administration Bureau chief Tang Guofang.

The facility manipulates human sentiment and takes advantage of people's fears, using small favors to induce those most vulnerable. When practitioners are released from forced labor camps or prisons, the 610 Office does everything possible to arrest practitioners and send them to the brainwashing center. The 610 Office frequently organizes people who were brainwashed and "transformed" to travel or attend dinner parties. During the Chinese New Year this year, the 610 Office extended an invitation for family members, including children, to attend a dinner party. Some practitioners' family members started to cooperate with the 610 Office after they attended the dinner.

The evil and hypocrisy of Xiaguan District Brainwashing Center won the Beijing Anti-Cult Association's favor. In May, the association visited the Xiaguan District Brainwashing Center and persuaded 70 to 80 people to take group photos for propaganda.