(Clearwisdom.net) On July 31, Falun Gong practitioners from Washington participated in the Sea Fair Torch Light Parade in Seattle for the sixth year. Their float--the large Fa boat--was warmly welcomed by the spectators.

The Sea Fair Torch Light Parade is one of the 10 largest parades in America. It went on for 2.5 miles in downtown Seattle. More than 300,000 people watched it.

Practitioners' float--a large Fa boat

Lion dance by practitioners

Three Falun Gong practitioners held a large banner which read "Falun Dafa" at the head of the entry. After the banner were fairy lady dancers and lion dancers. An ancient Chinese-style boat followed the dancers. Seven practitioners demonstrated the exercises on the boat. Spectators warmly welcomed the Falun Gong entry. TV Station Kiro 7 also covered the parade.

 Youtube link to the video of the parade

When the boat passed by the stage, the hosts introduced Falun Gong to everyone. They highly praised the boat for its uniqueness and construction. They told people that the float demonstrated popular culture in the Chinese Tang Dynasty--cultivation.