(Clearwisdom.net) As part of its 2010 tour, the New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts staged two exhilarating shows at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 21, 2010.

Conductor Chia-Chi Lin (L) and Varinee Sangmalee

Varinee Sangmalee, President of the Asian/Pacific-American Council (APAC) and recipient of the Twenty-five Most Influential Asian Americans in Georgia award, attended the show with her husband, Dr. Umpon Sangmalee. She sincerely encouraged everyone to see Shen Yun.

"Rarely do you see this kind of talent," said Ms. Sangmalee. "It is all coordinated, united together ... such a huge show like this. You don't see beautiful scenery like this anywhere else. And the outfits--oh, just breathtaking!"

Her husband agreed. "I like this show because it showed the beauty and culture of the Chinese, and it showed the development of civilization and culture. It is marvelous. I would like to see it every year and learn."

The couple couldn't make it to last year's performance because of a prior engagement. But Ms. Sangmalee said that they wouldn't miss any future shows because Shen Yun is getting better and better every year. "I really love the effects--so real. I love that," she said.

Curtain call on Saturday afternoon in Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

Ms. Sangmalee said that the two MC's accurately explained the profound effect that ancient Chinese culture has had and continues to have on the world's stage.

Ms. Sangmalee was captivated by China's famous legends, folkloric tales, and modern-day stories, saying, "I think it is the beautiful fairy tales-cultures that we can celebrate internationally. They're not just for the Chinese people to enjoy.

"Every dance, every show is marvelous. As a woman, I like pretty things more than other things, but actually in the action scenes, it seems like the performers are putting everything into it."

She concluded by saying that she really enjoyed the ingenious interplay between the backdrops and the performers.

Four Friends Enjoy an Evening with Shen Yun

Enjoying a "girl's evening out" are from left; Wanda Gross, Yvonne Spellman, Carol Jacob and Iris Stanley

Among the enthusiastic crowd sat Ms. Gross, Carol Jacobs, Iris Stanley, and Ms. Spellman, who attended Shen Yun after seeing an advertisement. They called it a "girl's evening out."

Wanda Gross, a research administrator for the Morehouse School of Medicine, said the show was fantastic. "The colors are awesome, the choreography is fantastic, and I'm just very pleased by the visual aesthetics of the show."

Carol Jacobs, an IT consultant, said, "I'm very pleased with the show. I was excited to come, it was very different. Very, very colorful and it met my expectations."

Iris Stanley was very glad that Shen Yun had come to Atlanta, "not just New York." "Very soothing, to me it is a very soothing, relaxing performance. So I'm enjoying it very much. How everything flows--it is extremely relaxing," she said.

Ms. Gross was very touched by the three award-winning vocalists, saying, "Oh, the singers are so spectacular ... their voices are just so beautiful, I'm just very pleased with the quality of their voices.

"Also, looking at the [English] words that the singers were singing [translations of the singer's Chinese lyrics were displayed on the backdrop scenes], they are very touching."

Regarding the dance movements, Ms. Gross said, "You could see how dance is just universal."

Ms. Stanley commented on the dance set, "Nothing Can Block the Divine Path," which portrays the Communist's regime's brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China, saying, "About the persecution, that was really interesting, that it is still going on today. And just to put that into dance and art form, that is really spectacular."

Ms. Yvonne Spellman, a medical administrator, concluded the interview by giving her overall take on the show.

"I love it ... it's fantastic, the colors are beautiful, colors I wouldn't put together but they just seem to fit," she said.