(Clearwisdom.net) I often went with a fellow practitioner to tell people the facts about Falun Gong, and have had many remarkable experiences. I would like to share two such experiences.

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is good material to use to help people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Practitioners have often used either a copy of the book and the DVD to offer salvation to people in different social settings.

When we were distributing the Nine Commentaries one day, we saw a van parked in front of a house, and one of the windows was rolled down. The practitioner I was with put a DVD through the window of the van. As we were about to leave, a man with sleepy eyes got out of the van with the DVD in his hand. He quickly caught up with us and asked angrily, "Did you put this in my van?"

The practitioner smiled and calmly said, "Sorry. Did I disturb you? If I did, then you get to have this lovely DVD as a reward." The man's expression suddenly changed and he laughed, "You are fine. I need to thank you." He looked at the DVD and carefully put it into his pocket. The practitioner then spoke with him about quitting the CCP, and the man agreed to quit.

If we remember the Fa and are unaffected by things around us, we can solve any problem with righteous thoughts. The practitioner later told me, "People are all looking forward to being saved. The man ran after us so that he would not miss the opportunity to quit the CCP."

Another time, we took about 100 Shen Yun DVD's to distribute to people in the countryside. We met many people as we walked along, and I asked them, one by one, "Do you have a DVD player?" If they answered "Yes," then I gave them a DVD. They seemed very excited to hear that the show was from overseas. We had to leave early because we needed to catch the bus home, but I still had one DVD left in my bag.

We saw a man running after us, shouting loudly. He seemed worried and asked, "Have you been handing out DVD's?" I replied, "Yes. It is of Shen Yun, a world class show. You can't see it in China, though." The man nodded his head and asked sincerely, "My classmate told me about it. Could you please give me one?" As I gave him the last one, he thanked us and went home happy.