(Clearwisdom.net) The Qian'an City Court in Hebei Province held a hearing for four Falun Gong practitioners, including Mr. Li Yankui, Ms. Zhao Minghua, Mr. Li Qingsong and Mr. Zhang Hewen on August 10, 2010.

The four practitioners were illegally arrested in October, 2007. Over the past three years, they have been in court four times. The court held three hearings for the first trial. Although the Tangshan Intermediate Court rejected the case with the reason of "insufficient evidence and unclear facts," officials from the Qian'an City Court still detained the practitioners and held the fifth trial on August 10, 2010.

The hearing began at 9:00 a.m. The presiding judge, Wang Ziliang, the court clerk, and prosecution section head Zhou Wenqing from the Procuratorate didn't wear the typical uniforms or court attire. Wang Ziliang wore a white shirt and had a cigarette dangling from his lips. Both the court clerk, Zhang Qiang, and Zhou Wenqing wore T-shirts. At first Wang Ziliang sat in the seat of the presiding judge. After the hearing began, he left for a while and then came back and sat in the seat of the court clerk. While conducting the hearing, Wang Ziliang sat next to the computer that was operated by the court clerk.

Wang Ziliang said in court, "The building I live in is full of Falun Gong fliers and brochures. Many informational materials about the Tangshan Intermediate Court were all sent to my place. My neighbor who is 84 years old told me, 'Wang Ziliang, you are super bad.'" It made everyone in court laugh loudly.

Mr. Li Yankui stated how his confession was extorted by torture. The torture, which lasted from around 6:00 p.m. to midnight, was held at the Domestic Security Division of the Qian'an City Police Department by Pu Yonglai, Ha Fulong, Tang Xueping and another two officials from the Domestic Security Division. Every time the torturers asked one question, they shocked Mr. Li Yankui once with the electric baton. Being electrically shocked for long periods of time made Mr. Li Yankui's legs and chest covered with big blisters. There are still scars there today.

Zhou Wenqing said, "From 6:00 p.m. to midnight, being electric shocked for such a long time, didn't they shock you to death?"

The defense attorney had Mr. Li Yankui show his scars received from the torture to the officials in court. Wang Ziliang said, "Don't show them to me. I'm not in charge of torture cases. It's useless to show them to me. Just let your lawyer take some pictures and show them to the Procuratorate. The torture was not done by our court."

Ms. Zhao Minghua also described how her confession was extorted by torture. On the day when she was arrested, Pu Yonglai and Ha Fulong tied her to an iron chair and handcuffed her hands behind her in the chair. Then, they used high-voltage electric batons to shock Ms. Zhao's face and breasts. Due to the long duration of electric shock, Ms. Zhao fell on the ground with the chair still attached to her. The policeman, Sheng Maobin, even inserted a dirty wipe into her mouth to stop her from shouting. Moreover, the policemen grabbed Ms. Zhao's hair to forcibly make her sit up, and they continued to shock her for a long time. They even pressed the high-voltage electric batons onto her skin and shocked her everywhere on her body.

Mr. Li Qingsong described how he was arrested and his confession was extorted by torture by Pu Yonglai and Ha Fulong from the Domestic Security Division. He was once in critical condition after being persecuted for over 20 days at a brainwashing center. After that, he was released. However, only one month later, he was arrested again and has been detained up to the present time.

Zhou Wenqing accused Mr. Li Yankui of having installed a satellite to receive the NTDTV channel. The defense counsel, Li Subin, asked the public prosecutor to show the jurisdiction clauses that state receiving NTDTV's programs was illegal. The public prosecutor had nothing to say in reply.

Quan Yunge, another counsel for Mr. Li Yankui said, "According to jurisdiction clauses, if the witness fails to appear in court, the court cannot convict anyone by testimony alone." Wang Ziliang said, "Which jurisdiction clause? Why don't I know it?" Then Quan Yunge loudly read the related jurisdiction clauses. Wang Ziliang said in a low voice, "I see now. The witness who should appear did not come; instead, those who are not supposed to come are here."

Zhou Wenqing accused practitioner Ms. Bai Xueshuang (who happened to be auditing the hearing) of giving a number of truth-clarifying materials to Mr. Li Yankui. Upon hearing this, Ms. Bai Xueshuang stood up at once, saying, "I am Bai Xueshuang. I didn't do that at all." Wang Ziliang quickly asked a guard to remove Ms. Bai from the court.

During the hearing, Zhou Wenqing often scratched his belly and rolled up his shirt, making his belly exposed. At around 11:30 a.m., Zhou Wenqing said to Wang Ziliang, "It's nearly 12 p.m. Let's recess the hearing." As he was saying that, he used his right hand to scratch his back. With this, the farce of the fifth hearing ended and has not resumed to date.