(Clearwisdom.net) Officers from the Chengguan Police Department in Zhengding County, under the order of the county's 610 Office, ransacked eight practitioners' homes on the same day. Practitioners Ms. Zheng Lanrui, Ms. Tong Jianying, and Ms. Zhang Junlan were illegally arrested and are currently being held at the Zhengding County Detention Center.

A group of officers came to Ms. Zheng Lanrui's home on Shengli Street. They lied by telling her that they were checking residence cards. When she opened the door, they rushed in and arrested her. The officers also ransacked her home and confiscated a computer, a printer, Falun Gong books and informational materials, her son's money, and various other belongings.

Another group of officers came to Ms. Zheng Lanxia's home on Shengli Street. When no one answered the door, they used a master key to illegally enter the house. They took away a computer, two printers, and other items.

The police also came to Ms. Wu Xiuqing's home in Chengguan Town and ordered Ms. Wu's husband to give them her computer. When he said that her computer was not in the home, they confiscated his computer instead.

Other officers attempted to arrest Ms. Xiao Suzhen at her home, but she told them that they would be responsible for endangering her seriously ill husband's life if they took her away, since no one would be available to take care of him. The police then left with items from her home.

Four police officers broke into Ms. Bai Jing's home in Xibotang Village, and confiscated a computer, two printers, a satellite dish, and other items.

Ms. Zhang Junlan from Beimen Lane, who is in her sixties, was taking a shower when the police broke into her home. Officer Li Jinghua called the Chengguan Police Department, and five more officers arrived. They arrested Ms. Zhang and confiscated her computer, two printers, and other items.

Another group of police officers took a computer from Ms. Zhao Suyan's home on Sihe Street when no one was home.

The police also broke into Ms. Tong Jianying's home in Qiji Village, Xin'an Town. They arrested Ms. Tong and took her computer, printer, and other items.

Parties Involved in the Persecution:

Ma Yongjiang, Zhengding County Police Department head: 86-311-88021274, 86-311-85051833
Hu Jun, Zhengding County Police Department deputy head and 610 Office head: 86-311-88022276, 86-311-88023755
Zhengding County Domestic Security Division: 86-311-88018977
Chengguan Police Department: 86-311-88018292