(Clearwisdom.net) In "Be More Diligent," Master said, "You all need to do this now. Start cultivating yourselves." I was greatly shocked by this. I kept staring at it for a long time. I said to myself I must start cultivating myself so I can fulfill this command.

Then, something wonderful occurred. These past few days, I have felt more relaxed than I have for years. Before, I felt cultivation was painful as my old self was cast off. I always felt my improvement was so slow. But now, after I began to follow Master's direction to"start cultivating yourselves," I have a fresh new feeling of rapidly breaking through higher and higher layers. I was surprised, for certain bad notions which had been hard to root out turned out easy to resolve and correct, were easy to let go of thoroughly. Everything became easier, clearer, and purer. Once again, I experienced that the "Great Way is most simple and easy," ("Teaching the Fa in New York City," Lectures in the United States) and how profound Dafa is! During the past 10 years of trials and hardships in the complex environment in China, it seemed like I gradually forgot this principle of the Fa. So it feels so serene and so beautiful to experience again that "a Great Way is most simple and easy."

Before, I felt such issues as "egotism and selfishness" and "validation of myself" were rooted in the microcosm of my life. Though I've been cultivating for many years, it was hard to eliminate them thoroughly. They were so obstinate. But after I began to follow "start cultivating yourselves," I felt the roots of such obstinate materials breaking. Only some tiny surface objects were left. With righteous thoughts, these negative influences can be quickly eliminated.

Before, I have always, consciously or unconsciously, focused on fellow practitioners' weaknesses or ordinary people's weaknesses. I only noticed things I was not satisfied with. I knew this was not good and should be corrected, but whenever something happened, especially if it happened suddenly like a practitioner being arrested, some bad notions would manifest. Sometimes, I had no way to get rid of them or control them, and I felt very frustrated. But now, whenever I think "start cultivating yourselves," I can immediately look at myself and quickly find my problem, shortcoming, or things that need to be improved. This turned out to be an easier and faster way to handle all issues. Before, when I failed to cooperate with other practitioners, at the same time, negative thoughts might emerge. I have even stayed away from a certain project. Facing other practitioners' misunderstandings or discussing thing behind my back, I would feel regretful and aggrieved. When I encountered some difficulties in daily life, it usually cost me a lot to deal with them. After beginning to follow "start cultivating yourselves," I can feel that an automatic mechanism for self cultivation has formed from the origin of my life. When something happens, the mechanism runs right away, and I have become more tolerant and peaceful. So, if every Dafa disciple can cultivate him or herself well, and we can coordinate with each other very well, we will have no loopholes that the evil can take advantage of. This whole body will be totally unbreakable. I have felt so serene after I started to follow "start cultivating yourselves."