(Clearwisdom.net) Erdao Town officials in Fengman District, Jilin City and the Zhangjiacun Village head approached Mr. Chen Jihai’s wife on July 19, 2010. They said they wanted Mr. Chen to come back and attend a three-day “study session” and claimed that afterwards they would not bother him anymore. She was deceived and, after finding Mr. Chen, said to him, “You can go home now. The village head said you will be all right.”

As soon as Mr. Chen returned home, his wife called the village head, who reported this to the police. After noticing this unusual situation, Mr. Chen immediately left. On July 20 police forced his wife to help them look everywhere for her husband. As a result, Mr. Chen was forced to stay away from home.

Forced to stay away from home

Police from Erdao Town Police Station took away Mr. Chen’s automobile and Dafa books on the evening of February 5, 2006, forcing him to stay away from home.

One day in the summer 2006, policeman Su Xiaodong went to Mr. Chen’s relatives and told them that once Mr. Chen sold the car and paid the fines, he would be all right. Mr. Chen’s relatives believed Su Xiaodong and persuaded Mr. Chen to return home.

Deceived to return home and persecuted

One day, village party head Li Juncai led Liu Hongyan (Deputy Head of the Erdao Police Station) and an official surnamed Tang to Mr. Chen’s home. They took away Dafa books and Master's picture. After taking Mr. Chen to the police station, they told Li Juncai to convince him to give up practicing Falun Gong. Mr. Chen said he would continue to practice. Li Juncai was angry and swore at him. Liu Hongyan beat Mr. Chen across the face, and chained him to a chair for one night. The next day, police forced Mr. Chen’s sister and daughter to come, telling them to convince Mr. Chen.

Seeing that this did not work, police sent Mr. Chen to the Fengman Police Department, Jilin Province. In the interrogation room, the police chained him to a chair, then took him to the fifth floor for some paper work. While going to the bathroom, to escape further persecution, Mr. Chen jumped out of the window.

When he woke up, Mr. Chen found he was in a hospital with many people taking turns monitoring him. His body was in a plaster cast, with several ribs broken. He had difficulty breathing and he had almost lost his memory. Doctors said he could fall into a vegetative state. Only ten days later, even though he was severely injured, the police sent him to Jilin City Detention Center.

The police interrogated and threatened Mr. Chen many times during his detention. After extorting nearly 10,000 yuan from his family, they released Mr. Chen, who was severely injured, back home. They continued threatening and harassing him even during the recovery period at home. The responsible people are: Fu Wenyu (head of the Erdao Town Police Station), Liu Hongyan (deputy head), political head surnamed Tang, Su Xiaodong (policeman) and others.

Frequent harassment

610 Office head Ji Changxi and township law officials went to harass Mr. Chen again during the summer of 2007. After lengthy pressure, Mr. Chen’s elder brother could no long bear it. He beat Mr. Chen and injured him.

Mr. Chen was sent to the Xiushan Hotel Brainwashing Center (located in Longtanshan, where Jilin Chemical Company's #250 factory is located). In the summer of 2008 while detained there for 8 days, Mr. Chen was tortured both physically and mentally.

Police's harassment after cancer cured by practicing Falun Gong

Ms. Ma Fengqin, a lady in the same village as Mr. Chen, was cured of cancer after practicing Falun Gong. After her story was reported on he Minghui website on April 27, 2010, several people went to Mr. Chen’s home, including the head of Fengman District Domestic Security Bureau, two policemen, and 610 Office head (surnamed He). They took away a Dafa book, an MP3 player, and an NTDTV New Year's Performance DVD Ms. Ma had kept for a long time.

Failing to find the things they wanted, police took Mr. Chen to the police station, and then sent him to the Jilin City Detention Center. After detaining him for 15 days, the police sent him to Yinmahe Labor Camp in Jiutai. Labor camp officials refused to accept him due to his poor health condition.

Forced to stay away from home once again

The Jilin City Politics and Law Committee held another brainwashing class to persecute Falun Gong practitioners in July 2010. Several policemen went to Mr. Chen’s home on July 18, followed by Erdao Township Party head Li. Police then returned again at midnight attempting to arrest Mr. Chen. All these attempts failed because Mr. Chen stayed away from home.

The Erdao Township government continued to harass Mr. Chen’s daughter on July 19. After deceiving him to come home, Mr. Chen’s wife called the police. Facing arrest once again, Mr. Chen had no choice but to leave home.