(Clearwisdom.net) Having been clarifying the truth for ten years, I can often easily convince a stranger of the facts within a few minutes. Sometimes, however, I found it very difficult to clarify the truth to my relatives or anyone close to me. Even after explaining the facts to them for three to five years, I was still not successful. It was all directly related to my cultivation, since I know that everyone in my life has a predestined relationship with me. This kind of relationship may lead them to cultivate Dafa. Some of them may help us to save people; some of them might be controlled by the evil forces to disturb our cultivation. Since July 20, 1999, people's minds have been poisoned by evil slander. Having been deceived by the CCP, many people are unkind to practitioners, and some even beat and reported their relatives to the police. If practitioners do not have a compassionate heart, these people would ruin themselves.

Xiaoqian and her father are one example. She encountered great hardship when Dafa began to be persecuted. Her mother was illegally detained in a forced labor camp. Her father did not have any money. If she were not a practitioner, she might have started a conflict, but she is not an average person. She used this chance to resolve resentment. In those years, things dramatically changed.

Yuhua's father is a senior officer. When she was tortured, she suffered a broken bone and had to be carried home. Her father was extremely angry at her for refusing to renounce her belief, and he even continued to kick her. When her father was dying, he finally came to understand the truth. He secretly transferred the deed to his home to her name so that she would have security. He knew that she was kind and forgiving and was the most trustworthy in the family. She gave her mother the home. While clarifying the truth, she resolved many conflicts.

Xiaoyun was sent to a forced labor camp for two years because she distributed informational materials. Her husband was very fearful and behaved as a yes man in the front of policemen but was very rude to practitioners who tried to talk with him about rescuing his wife. He threatened to report them to the police. They did not give up him and wrote letters to him instead. Finally they were able to change his attitude. Two years later, with Xiaoyun's help, he changed thoroughly. Now he does not fear the police and has righteous thoughts about Dafa.

Axiu's husband has courage and insight but a bad temper. After July 20, 1999, he was deceived by the slanderous lies in the media. This was a test for Axiu. She saw in other dimensions that he was a person who was almost ruined. She was very grieved when she heard him say bad things again and agan. She wondered if he still could be saved. During her cultivation, she understood she should get rid of the attachment of self-concern. She discovered that when she had a conflict with her husband, if she looked inside directly, he began to calm down. She clarified the truth to her husband day by day, month by month, and year by year. Now, he has become a gentle and peaceful man.

In the face of the persecution, Axiu's husband is firm in his opposition. When Axiu was arrested, the person in charge of her case feared to pick up the phone or open the door when her husband called. So Axiu's husband wrote letters to the authorities. When Axiu was released, their child told her, "If you were still there, Dad and I would go there and not leave." Wherever he went, he would speak out in support of Dafa. He also studied anti-web-blocking software technical skills. He shared with practitioners his successful experience. Compared to before, he is like a divine being.

These are just a few examples. As a true practitioner, whether we can save people or not depends on the quality of our personal cultivation. As Axiu's husband said, "She is a great wife. Our child says that she is an excellent mother, and my father says she is a perfect daughter-in-law. You (policemen) are actually the criminals, because you persecute such a good person." Seeing the contrast between good and evil, the sentient beings understand that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance can save them. If the quality of our cultivation is low, we cannot save people and may even ruin them.

We must cultivate diligently and then we can save people.

Let us cultivate more diligently, help Teacher during Fa-rectification, and fulfill our prehistoric promise.