Name: Ma Dengjiang (马登江)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Address: Bei Street, Peishan Village, Peishan Town, Yi County, Hebei Province

Date of Most Recent Arrest: June 12, 2010
Most Recent Place of Detention:
Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp (高阳劳教所)
City: Baoding City (保定市)
Hebei Province (河北省)
Persecution Suffered:
Detention, home ransacked, extortion, torture, starvation, beatings

( On June 12, 2010, Mr. Ma Dengjiang was illegally arrested by police officer Huang Jianliang, who is in charge of Peishan Police Station. Mr. Ma's Falun Dafa books and tape recordings were also confiscated. That very same night, he was transferred directly to Qiaotou Military Police Team, and police officers tortured him by tying him to a tiger bench. They also shackled his hands and feet. Over the next four nights and three days, he was not given water or food, and his feet became swollen.

Officer Huang Jianliang and the Military Police Team cruelly tortured him. They grabbed his hair and hit his head against the floor; one person pulled his ear, while the other grabbed his ribs; and Huang stepped on his toes and ground them into the ground. Huang also forced him to sit on a copy of Zhuan Falun, which is the main book of Falun Dafa. Even when Mr. Ma had to use the washroom, his hands and feet remained shackled. On June 15, he was tortured so brutally that he developed a severe stomachache, with all the symptoms of an intestinal hernia.

On June 16, he was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor and taken to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp.

Over the last ten years, because they both believe in and practiced Falun Gong, Mr. Ma and his wife have been regularly arrested, and their home ransacked several times by officers of the Domestic Security Brigade of the police bureau, and Yi County Township Police Station. To this day, police officers break into their home and harass them whenever they want to.

In August 2004, Liang Jianhua, head of the police station, along with approximately seven plainclothes officers, broke into Mr. Ma's home and arrested him. They covered his mouth, pinched his neck, twisted his arms, and forced him into a police vehicle. He was detained at the Yi County Detention Center for approximately 15 days, and he was called a criminal for "disturbing social order." When he was released, he had to pay a fine of 550 yuan.

At around 7:00 p.m. on March 4, 2008, Tian Guojun, team leader of the Domestic Security Brigade at the Yi County Police Bureau, along with a dozen plainclothes officers, broke into Mr. Ma's home. Two police officers pushed Mr. Ma and his wife against a couch as other officers began ransacking the home inside and out. They confiscated a DVD burner, computer, printer, Dafa books, a satellite dish, and other personal belongings. They also confiscated 10,000 yuan that the couple had set aside for a loan payment. They took household appliances, including a flashlight, radio, etc. Mr. Ma and his wife were arrested and taken to the Yi County Detention Center. Two months later, as a result of torture, Ms. Zhang developed symptoms of a serious illness and was released. Mr. Ma was taken to Baoding Detention Center by police officers from the Yi County Bureau. Four months later, his health was critical due to the torture, and only then did police officers send him home.

Note: The Chinese Communist regime sends dying Falun Dafa practitioners back to their homes as a warning for others in the community, to instill fear in people, and to further their suppression of Falun Gong.