(Clearwisdom.net) Donggang City Court officials tried Ms. Wang Chunhua on July 1 and Ms. Wang Fuhua on July 2, 2010, on trumped-up charges. Four attorneys--Mr. Lan Zhixue, Mr. Duan Guohua, Mr. Jin Guanghong, and Ms. Han Qingfang--entered "not guilty" pleas for the two practitioners. Attorney Jin Guanghong pointed out that no law in China bans Falun Gong.

In his defense of Ms. Wang Fuhua, Attorney Jin clearly pointed out that practicing Falun Gong is an individual's freedom and right and that neither the authorities nor the judiciary of any country can restrict that freedom for any reason.

Attorney Jin also pointed out that Ms. Wang has obtained physical and mental wellbeing from her practice of Falun Gong and has conducted herself according to the tenets of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She actively promotes the practice's good healing effects, so that everybody can benefit from learning Falun Gong and become a better person. Ms. Wang's acts pose no harm to society. On the contrary, she makes contributions to the wellbeing of the public.

The attorney called for the prosecutor to present the legal statutes that ban Falun Gong, but the prosecutor was unable to. The attorney said that the court should declare Ms. Wang Fuhua innocent. The chief judge did not reply to the attorney's strong and reasonable defense and called for an adjournment.

Some of the observers of the court proceedings understood the attorney's defense. They walked out of the gate of the courthouse and told those who were unable to enter and hear for themselves, "Practicing Falun Gong is legal!"

The Chinese Communist regime has never passed any laws to "legalize" the persecution of Falun Gong. Trials such as these are nothing but "show" trials. They go through the motions, allowing attorneys to defend practitioners, even though the results of these "trials" are decided before they ever take place. Consequently, the court officials dare not say anything in favor of Falun Gong practitioners, regardless of the factual information provided in the courtroom. They also dare not announce that arresting practitioners is unlawful and that Falun Gong practitioners are innocent.