(Clearwisdom.net) With Master's protection, I have steadily traveled the path of Fa-validation for more than ten years, offering people salvation while cultivating myself diligently. I would like to share my cultivation experiences.

Being a part of history

I am a medical doctor at a county hospital and wanted to have a relaxing work environment so that I could devote more time to do the three things for the Fa-rectification process. Two years ago, my wishful thinking came true, and I have since had more time to devote to Dafa projects.

Expressing the Goodness of Dafa and offering people salvation

My xinxing improved once I began cultivation. I refused to accept patients' extra money they handed me in red envelopes. This has become a custom for patients going to hospitals for certain procedures or surgeries. Patients feel compelled to give extra money to doctors, but quite often the money in the red envelopes has become the doctor's main source of income. I would either return money to the patient or use it to pay part of their medical bill and hospitalization. Conversations with patients and their family members allowed me to let them know about the goodness of Dafa, the CCP's persecution of Dafa and practitioners, and enabled me to ask them to quit the CCP for their safety. I was so happy to see patients who not only had their illnesses cured, but were rescued when they walked out my office. I knew that was Master's arrangement.

A nurse believe in Dafa's goodness after learning the facts. As a result, her whole family quit the CCP to be safe. She later survived and remained unhurt in two car accidents.

Establishing a good cultivation environment

At one time my family had some resistance toward Dafa, due to my frequent detentions after my many appeals for Dafa in Beijing, but I treated my in-laws with great respect. Since they have health problems, I frequently bring them to the hospital for regular check ups and fill their prescriptions for them, to keep them healthy.

I told them how Dafa had changed me into a better person, and explained the facts to them many times. Finally, all my family members including my in-laws, quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Two months ago my mother-in-law had severe leg pain. She could not walk, and needed surgery. To avoid the surgery she started repeating, "Falun Gong is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good!" during the day and night, sometimes until the next morning, because the pain prevented her from sleeping. The pain disappeared. Now she can walk and do house work.

My husband used to criticize me for speaking with anyone about Dafa because he was worried for my safety, facing the fact that many practitioners we knew were sentenced to prison. Master has emphasized safety many times at Fa experience sharing conferences. I thought paying attention to safety is the Fa, and I should adhere to the Fa. I have been listening to Master, and walking on the Fa-validation path for five year now without any safety problems. My husband has changed his attitude and helps me in persuading people to quit the CCP for their own safety. Many people have been offered salvation. He is also involved in rescuing other Dafa practitioners.

Walk steadily on the Fa-validation path

I am one of the regional coordinators, but encountered conflicts with other coordinators regarding how to handle Dafa projects.

I looked inward and discovered that I was attached to prestige and recognition and was weak in character. I exchanged my cultivation experience with other practitioners who cultivated more diligently. We looked for other practitioners' strengths, to help them overcome their weaknesses. We reminded ourselves to do everything according to Dafa. If I could not coordinate the whole region, I could try to coordinate part of the region. Every practitioner can be a coordinator and can be held responsible. These thoughts helped everything turn out well. Many family-based Dafa informational materials production sites were quickly established.

We have a small Fa-study and practice group, with each practitioner from our group coordinating another group of practitioners. We shared our cultivation experiences and identified problems. All of us look inward when a conflict occurs and make an effort to solve it. For the past year, our group has done the three things smoothly and cultivates Dafa diligently.