(Clearwisdom.net) Since Falun Gong practitioners began being detained at Shaanxi Province Women's Prison on December 6, 2002, the persecution of practitioners has been escalating; from initial physical abuse, exposure to the burning sun, torture devices, and punches and kicks, to currently round-the-clock brainwashing, days of sleep deprivation, denial of restroom use, and even injections of unknown drugs.

Ward No. 9 is mainly used to persecute practitioners. All practitioners who were sent to the prison after 2005 have been held there. Guards Ji Guifang and Wei Cheng are in charge. They subjected Ms. Wang Hong to severe torture and injections with unknown drugs for 36 days, which caused her to be unable to think clearly and agree to be "reformed."

Ms. Wang had been held in Ward No. 8 before she was transferred to Ward No. 9. While she was in Ward No. 8, Guard Yang Jin hung her up from the window frame of a library for several days.

Ms. Xu Mingxia, who was held in Ward No.7, was placed under strict control because she kept doing the exercises. Guard Qian Xiaoni physically and verbally abused her many times.

Guard Zheng Dongli from Ward No. 6 and four accomplices subjected 60-year-old Ms. Ma Yunhua to one-year of intense persecution. They stuffed her mouth with a rag used to wipe up urine, taped her mouth closed with adhesive tape, and then stripped her off her pants and whipped her buttocks with a wet towel. Inmate Cai Hongli whipped Ms. Ma with her leather belt. Being handcuffed from behind and being punched and kicked are common.

Ms. Yang Xueqin was denied restroom use and made to watch slanderous VCD's around-the-clock. She was subjected to exposure to the freezing cold during the severe winter and not allowed to wear warm clothing.

Guard Zhang Wenge from Ward No.3 subjected Ms. Tian Shuanluo to long-term abuse and mistreatment. Ms. Tian was beaten numerous times for doing the exercises. Inmate Qin Shaoyun hit Ms. Tian on the head and all over her entire body numerous times. Another practitioner who started the practice in prison was subjected to strict control because she protected Falun Gong books.

Guard Liu Sujuan from Ward No.1 subjected Ms. Li Lin to year-long abuse and mistreatment.

Several dozen practitioners are currently being subjected to gross abuse and mistreatment in Shaanxi Women's Prison. We call upon all kind people to safeguard justice and help stop the persecution.