(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to dedicate this article as a celebration of World Falun Dafa Day. I want to let the miracle of my son's resurrection be a testimony of Dafa's greatness, and also want to express my sincere appreciation to our beloved Master for his immense compassion.

My son suddenly became sick in the middle of the night one day toward the end of 2006. The hospital diagnosis was epilepsy. He was first attacked by the epilepsy once a week. Later, it was once every three days, and then even more frequent. Sometimes it was every few minutes. Neither Chinese medicine nor Western medical treatments worked to alleviate the epilepsy seizures. Medical experts had no way of curing it. A Chinese medicine doctor in his 80s said, "I have never seen such a patient in my whole life." Each day, my spouse and my daughter-in-law accompanied my son, who was suffering, and we hoped for a miracle.

Since my son was very sick, he was put in the Intensive Care Unit as soon as we sent him to the hospital. On the morning of January 27, 2007, the doctor on duty said, "Your son has too much phlegm. He needs to have a tracheotomy. Otherwise he could suffocate to death." I agreed with the doctor's suggestion and signed the surgery paperwork. In order to prevent suffocation, the doctor had him wear an oxygen mask. After that, I noticed that my son began to have trouble breathing. At around 9:00 a.m., his face suddenly turned black and blue. Then his whole body turned black and blue, and there was no heartbeat on the life monitor, no blood pressure, and he stopped breathing. I immediately reported this to the doctor. Doctors and nurses immediately came to rescue him. Given this unexpected situation, I called my daughter-in-law, my wife, and other family members. Returning to the Intensive Care Unit, I saw my son lying there like a dead person. The doctors and nurses were giving him oxygen, injections, and some artificial respiration; however, there was no sign of life showing on the monitor. Time passed minute by minute. More and more people were gathering in the hospital hallway. Everyone was talking about my son's condition and worried about his life. Looking at my son, who was only 36 years old and about to pass away, I felt very sad. At that moment, a medical staff person walked over to me and said, "There is no longer any hope. You should arrange his funeral."

I seemed to suddenly wake up, realizing that I couldn't live without my son. My granddaughter can't live without her dad. I am a Dafa practitioner. When encountering catastrophic disaster, I should ask for help from Master, and Master will help me. Only Master can save my son! Therefore I rushed to my son's bedside and said in loud voice, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is good! Master Li, please save my son!" My voice shook the emergency room and outside. Everyone on site was shocked. At that moment the air seemed to be frozen still. It was very quiet in and out of the emergency room....almost thirty minutes passed. My family members and the leaders from my son's work unit, along with his colleagues, came to the hospital. Seeing my son's condition, my daughter-in-law burst into tears. Upon hearing the news, the chief physician of the medical section, who was not in the hospital at that moment, immediately called the medical staff and told them to try their best to rescue my son. He said that even if he seemed dead, they should still try. At that time, I once again rushed to my son's bedside and called his name out loud and asked him to come back to life and then I shouted, " Falun Dafa is good! Master, please save my son's life." Outside of the emergency room, I saw my granddaughter's face was covered with tears. I could not stop myself from crying, either. Suddenly I heard my wife shouting, "He's coming back to life. He's alive. My son is alive!" Later we found out that when I shouted "Falun Dafa is good" and "Master, please save my son's life," the second time, the life monitor began showing signals of a heartbeat. His blood pressure then rose up, and he began breathing. My son came back to life! The entire recovery process lasted nearly forty minutes. Everyone present witnessed Dafa's miracle and felt happy at my son coming back to life again. My whole family expressed our sincere appreciation to the medical rescue team. My wife grabbed my hand and said, "You are so great. You asked Master to bring our son back to life. Our whole family thanks Dafa and Master Li!"

My son's resurrection caused a great response from both inside and outside of the hospital. For a time we became a central topic of discussion. A demobilized soldier who was accompanying his wife told me, "If you hadn't asked Master for help, you would not have your son now. No matter how others view this event, I one hundred percent believe Falun Dafa is good!" I helped him and his entire family withdraw from the evil CCP affiliated organizations.

After a period of treatment, my son completely recovered. When he left the hospital around the end of March, he walked around the Intensive Care Unit and said goodbye to everyone. Other patients in the room all congratulated him on his recovery. A nurse who participated in rescuing my son said, "Good people will be rewarded with good. We should all try to be a good person." Even more incredible was what a senior medical staff person later told me. While the Intensive Care Unit had six beds, since the day when my son revived, for two months after that, no one else had died there, which had never occurred before in that Intensive Care Unit.

My son has been well for over three years now. He stopped taking all medicine more than a year ago. The epilepsy never again returned. He works as usual.

Once again, I want to express our infinite thanks to Master Li for giving my son a second life! I will repay Master's immense compassion with action. On this grand festive day when the whole world is celebrating Falun Dafa Day, our whole family sincerely wishes our great and compassionate Master a very happy birthday!