(Clearwisdom.net) My family started practicing Falun Gong after my elder brother brought Zhuan Falun home from the bookstore.

The stomach problems that my older brother had were not cured by any of the big hospitals that he sought treatment from. He always had to pay special attention to whatever he ate and whenever his stomach pain surfaced, it was so bad that he had to be hospitalized. However, the hospital could not find the cause of the pain. The only thing they could do was to recommend better food and supplements. He began to study different forms of qigong and the Book of Changes. He had a Buddha statue at home to worship and Buddhist scriptures to study. One day, when he passed by a small bookstore after work, he bought a copy of Zhuan Falun .

My brother read the entire book through the night. After he finished, he knelt down in front of my mother's bed and said excitedly, "Mom, a living Buddha has come to introduce the Fa and save people!" He then found a practice site, took part in a class, and watched the video of Master's Fa lectures. When he came back from the first day's class, he ate some watermelon as soon as he walked in the door. It was May, and we were all petrified, since doing something like that always led to problems for him. However, he was fine. He got better and better, and that was in 1996.

My mother's illnesses also disappeared after she started Falun Gong practice. My older sister and I also started practicing Falun Gong.

We formed a Fa study group in our home. In the summer, practitioners would crowd into my house. They sat on the beds, on the floor, and in the doorway. We did not feel hot at all. Instead, we felt gentle, cool breezes flowing through the house.

We went out to introduce the Fa to the public every weekend. One time, my mother put a kettle on the gas stove and left to hang a banner, forgetting to turn off the gas before she left. When she came back at around noon, the aluminum kettle was already dried out, but it was not damaged, and the gas flame was down to next to nothing. She put her hands in front of her chest and thanked Master for watching over her.

Another time, the water was shut off unexpectedly. My mother left the faucet in the bathroom all the way on by mistake and left to join a Fa promotion event. A neighbor found her near noontime and said, "Something happened! Your home is flooded." When my mother returned home, she saw the path in front of the building was full of water and from the entrance of the building, water still flowed out (our home is on the first floor). When my mother opened the door, she saw that the water flowed from the bathroom straight out of my home through the doorway. It was as if the water had flowed through a ditch and then out, leaving everyplace else dry. Our neighbor was amazed. My mother used this opportunity to introduce Dafa to her, and she also started practicing Falun Gong.

My father has been a frank, honest person all his life. He had suffered from the aftereffects of a stroke and took medicine everyday. He believed that to be alive meant staying physically active and he said that he would believe in whoever could cure his illness. My mother always said that his enlightenment quality was low. However, one day he suddenly declared that he wanted to cultivate and told us about two unusual experiences that he had.

He exercised by climbing a mountain every day. The mountain path was fairly rugged, and he often needed to brush away the small crushed stones with tree branches from the path. One time, he lowered his head as he cleared the path. Suddenly, something made him stumble and he fell forward, towards a large, sharp rock. As he was falling, though, a big, warm hand met his forehead and kept him from hitting the rock. My father said excitedly, "I clearly felt that the hand was warm!" But when he tried to find out who it was, he could not see anyone around him.

Another time, there was a hailstorm while my father was walking down the street, and there was no place for him to take shelter. He walked slowly, and all he could do was to cover his head with his one hand and keep on walking home. He thought that he was going to get battered. However, he suddenly felt as if a shield was raised over him. When he reached his hand out, he couldn't feel anything hitting it, and only his clothes got wet. My sister told him, "When it was hailing, we were at work and asked Master to help protect you!"

My father said that after he had experienced such things several times, he was finally convinced. He said that Master had saved him and he wanted to diligently practice Falun Gong.

Later, during the persecution, my father firmly walked on the path of cultivation. In October 2000 in Tiananmen Square, he stopped a police vehicle loaded with arrested Falun Gong practitioners and explained the facts to the police. When the police came to search our home, he faced them and stood in front of the door, reprimanding them, "No one is allowed to touch my things! You cannot stop me from cultivating Falun Gong unless you shoot me!" He prevented the Dafa books and Master's Fa lecture tapes from being taken away. He studied the Fa, did the exercises, and listened to Master's Fa lectures everyday. Everyday when he goes out, he brings truth clarification materials with him and talks to people that he runs into.

The young practitioners in my family are bright and healthy. Whenever someone had a cold or a flu, they would recite "Lunyu" and look within to see whether they had done something wrong, and they would recuperate very soon. They followed us to study the Fa, to introduce the Fa to others, and to clarify the truth from a young age.

My family has experienced many shining moments and weathered the storms. We are still firmly walking on the path of cultivation.