(Clearwisdom.net) At 6:00 a.m. on April 16, 2010, officers from the Bailinzhuang Town Police Station in Laiyang City, Shandong Province, jumped over the wall and arrested Ms. Liu Zhimei, a former student from Tsinghua University who became mentally disordered as a result of persecution, and four practitioners who were taking care of her. They were interrogated at the police station until the afternoon and were given no food or water.

Because Ms. Liu had not eaten that day, she got hungry when she saw the policemen having lunch. Due to her mental condition however, she was unable to express herself. She gently called out words signifying her cup and spoon. Her practitioner caregivers understood that she was hungry, explained her condition to the police, and asked them to give her something to eat. They only gave her a small piece of bun and then a glass of water after the second request. The other practitioners were not given any food or water.

Ms. Liu was born in Sanqing Village, Tuanwang Town, Laiyang City. In 1997, the 17 year-old Ms. Liu was admitted by the Department of Chemical Engineering at Beijing Tsinghua University, with the highest entrance score in Shandong Province. Because she persisted in her practice of Falun Dafa to be a good person, she was persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). During her sophomore year, the university administrator suspended her and refused to provide any documentation. After several arrests, persecution, and a brief detention, Ms. Liu was expelled by the university administrator in March 2001. In May 2005, she was arrested at her rental home in the Haidian District of Beijing and sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment. The prison administration injected her with unknown drugs before her release in November 2008, causing her to suddenly become mentally disordered three days after arriving home. Ms. Liu's mother passed away and her father and brother would not talk to her. Her neighbors, blinded by the CCP's propaganda, spoke ill of her. She could not take care of herself and was sometimes incontinent.

After learning about Ms. Liu's situation, practitioners took her to Ms. Gao Chunhong's rental home. As Ms. Liu was recovering, the police arrested her and the four practitioners who were taking care of her. Three practitioners were taken to the Bailinzhuang Town Police Station, then transferred to other town and village police stations. Ms. Gao Chunhong is still in Laiyang Detention Center.

The fourth arrested practitioner, 60 year-old Ms. Yang Shuying, lives in Yujialan Village, Heluo Town, Laiyang City. Her husband, who herds a few sheep, is ill. Ms. Yang works as a housekeeper in the city to make a living. On the afternoon of April 16, personnel from the Bailinzhuang Town Police Station contacted Ms. Yang's son to bail her out. They told him to pay 6,000 yuan and said the money was for the national brigade. They lied and said that the other three practitioners were sent to the brainwashing center because their families didn't pay the fine, and if he didn't pay the fine, the police would send Ms. Yang to the brainwashing center as well. Ms. Yang's son didn't want his mother to suffer, so he paid someone 2,000 yuan to ask for the release of Ms. Yang internally and paid another 4,000 yuan to the Bailinzhuang Town Police Station. Then he brought his mother home.

The police monitored and followed the other three practitioners after their release. The same afternoon, Ms. Liu was taken out of the Bailinzhuang Town Police Station in a gray van. The license plate number was 鲁YC0421. Prior to this arrest, Ms. Liu had been recovering well and had stopped mumbling nonsense. She was able to study Zhuan Falun with other practitioners and sometimes could read more than ten pages in a row by herself.

Ms. Gao Chunhong's younger brother works at a shop. Since Ms. Gao's arrest, the police have monitored him continuously at the shop.

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