(Clearwisdom.net) I manage a shopping mall that has several hundred vendors. For many years I worked in a chaotic environment: vendors fought each other to compete for customers; a few started a commotion over "unfair" management fees. My employees occasionally took advantage of the vendors and asked for favors and hassled unfriendly vendors - using administrative powers.

I took several years of management training classes and eventually developed a set of administrative rules; but enforcement is difficult because all these small vendors had their own agendas and tricks. I was engrossed in different conflicts and troubles each day. How could I do a better job managing the market? How could I work with these people? I was in agony and almost called it quits more than once. These difficulties took a toll on my health; different ailments were exhausting.

(1) Beginning Cultivation

One day a client told me about Falun Gong. I was interested in the health benefits and began to practice but soon learned many more profound principles that teach people to improve their character. My outlook on life changed gradually. Prior to cultivation I tended to take the position opposite to the vendors and always questioned their motives. Now I could look at people calmly and sympathetically. The petty conflicts could no longer bother me that much. I became much happier, and my physical illnesses soon disappeared.

Our business also saw major improvements, making our mall quickly becoming a major regional shopping center.

I told everyone about the beauty and benefits Falun Dafa had brought me. Even after the persecution started, I did not stop telling those facts. Many regime officials and friends knew of my numerous health problems prior to my cultivation and wanted to help me find a good doctor; some even brought medicine from abroad. They noticed the changes in me after I practiced Falun Gong. One friend told me, "No one could convince me about Falun Gong until I saw what it did for you."

But the following decade did not spare me from police harassment, monitoring, brainwashing and detention. Finally I chose to quit the job and went into hiding. Two years later, I was arrested. In the police station I saw an arrest warrant with my name, prepared two years before. I experienced dangerous tribulations in these two years. My family members also suffered terribly. My family was at the brink of collapse.

(2) Changes in Two Years

I returned to my company following two years of absence and resumed the general manager job. My colleagues were cautiously happy to see me back.

My deputy manager took over during my leave. He was corrupted by power and money. People told me how he became autocratic; how he stole money and engaged in unethical conduct, and how he hired relatives to work for the company. When conflicts happened he even resorted to violence. Other employees also had their shares of problem. People became selfish. The vendors were unhappy; conflicts and physical fights were commonplace. Some even invited their outside cronies to smash things and rob their opponents. Things were a mess.

(3) Correcting the Wrong with Compassion

I felt pain in my heart. Master told us a Dafa disciple should be a good person, no matter where he is. Now that my company hired me back, I should give my best effort to right the wrong, and to put the place in order.

On my first days a fistfight erupted over a storage area dispute. A certain woman had become a big bully the last two years. No one dared to challenge her. This time she began to exercise her power over fellow vendors. My initial thought was to follow the rules and expel her from our market.

Suddenly I recalled Master's teaching in Zhuan Falun:

"We have also said that if every one of us cultivates his inner self, examines his own xinxing to look for the causes of wrongdoing so as to do better next time, and considers others first when taking any action, human society would become better and ethical standards would again rise. The spiritual civilization would also become better, and so would public security. Perhaps there would not be any police. No one would need to be governed, as everyone would discipline him or herself and search their inner self. Wouldn't you say this would be great? You know that laws are becoming more comprehensive and impeccable. Yet why are there people who still do bad deeds? Why don't they comply with the laws? It is because you cannot govern their hearts. When they are not seen, they will still do bad deeds. If everyone cultivates the inner self, it will be totally different. There will be no need for you to ensure justice."

Indeed, if I could not resolve the troubles in their minds, I could not solve their problems. Many of them were laid off workers; if they lost their business, how could they survive? Thinking to expel her was not compassionate. I met with the conflicting parties one by one. They all eagerly expressed their grievances accumulated over the past two years. One vendor was so confident about soliciting my support that he told everyone I was his hometown buddy. The bully woman could barely contain her hostility when I met her. She warned me, if someone tried to teach her a lesson, she would fight with her life. I told her, "How come you grew so much gray hair in the two years since I left?" She began to cry. I continued, "We ordinary folks already have a hard life these days, working so hard day in and day out. Is it really worth it to fight with our lives over petty disagreements?" "I had no choice, because they pushed me to the corner," she said angrily. "You were not like that before. I remember a very nice lady. How could you justify hurting others while defending your own interest?" Our conversation went on in a peaceful tone. She began to apologize for her behavior.

She was grateful after the conversation and told me later she was prepared to use extreme measures to retaliate if I was to expel her. I knew Dafa's compassion transformed her and corrected the situation. I took that as a good lesson and began to resolve problems one by one. My vendors told me they were very glad to see me back and restore justice. I told them, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner, and Falun Gong teaches people to be nice to others."

To set the record straight with my deputy manager, I thanked him for his hard work the past two years and pointed out his problems and the bad consequences. I told him that I would in the future I would manage the place according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and correct all negative elements. Seeing my fair approach with everyone, he was touched by Falun Gong practitioners' unselfish motives and compassion and wanted to stay and work for me. I later told others not to hate him, but help him to get back on his feet. He excelled once he changed his thoughts and behavior. At the end of the year, his performance ranked top in the company.

(4) Letting Go of Self Interest

As business in our market was booming, more shoppers came. We opened a new market nearby. The company made more money and shared the benefits with all employees. Another businessman was jealous at our success. He persuaded local government officials to issue a document, forcing all vendors in our new market to move to his area.

The new market was a result of my effort after all those years of hard work; now he robbed it with an official document. How unfair! I began to use my connections to bring my market back.

But after a few days I calmed down. This was not right! I am a Dafa disciple; how could I compete with others for personal interest? I should stop and accept the outcome.

But the event took a dramatic turn. The vendors did not want to move and filed several complains with the authorities. They defied the officials and began to move back. Finally, all former vendors moved back. The agency had to accept reality.

(5) Colleagues Resist Police Visit

Local police routinely "visit" Falun Gong practitioners. When they came to our company my employees became nervous; they did not want to see me get into trouble again. A few employees volunteered to meet them; one colleague called, to warn me not to return to the office. Another colleague told the police, "We had only a few unhampered days; here you come again!" The police could not even get my cell phone number from my colleagues. Finally, the police left.

I called the police later on. One officer said how surprised he was at people's reaction over a routine police visit. I said, "It all depends on your intentions. Everyone knows I am a good person."

(6) Conclusion

At the year-end review, all managers in our company reached a conclusion: enforcing rules and regulations was high maintenance but less effective. When we uphold justice and encourage positive attitudes and compassion, we achieved much better results, with less effort.