(Clearwisdom.net) In December 1992, the Oriental Health Expo was held in the World Trade Building in Beijing. It was open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., every day for ten days.

The lobby of the expo was quite large and booths with a width of approximately one meter each were arranged in rows. There were mainly qigong booths, but there were also a few Chinese medicine booths.

In front of the Falun Gong booth, Master, along with some early disciples, adjusted the bodies of the people who came by. There were also others who distributed materials explaining the practice of Falun Gong and who did consultation and registering. The television in front of the booth was playing Master's video of the exercise instructions.

Hung on three sides of the walls around the booth were photos of Master doing the exercises and adjusting bodies for others, along with Falun flags.

One day, a middle-aged woman came to see Master. She needed help, and leaned on her husband's arm. The woman had a tumor in her abdomen and her belly was even bigger than a lady who was ten months pregnant. Hospitals couldn't heal her. So they came to the expo and found Master.

Master immediately adjusted her body. Master made a movement with His hand, as though stretching into somewhere and taking something out. Her belly was deflated right away and returned to normal size. Afterward the waistband of her trousers could hold two of her.

The people who witnessed this at the time didn't move, and were stunned into silence. When they realized what they had seen, there was a burst of thunderous applause which went on for a long time, causing people at the other booths to come over to see what had happened. The couple was so excited and grateful that they immediately knelt down and kowtowed to thank Master. Master leaned over and helped them stand up.

The couple immediately wrote a letter of gratitude and gave it to the expo's organizing committee. Li Rusong, head manager of the expo, read the letter aloud over the audio system and said, "The first appreciation letter is praising Falun Gong and Falun Gong has the most appreciation letters." Professor Jiang Xuegui, head advisor of the expo, said, "I have personally seen many miracles created by Master Li Hongzhi for the expo and Falun Gong is worthy of the title 'star qigong.' As the head advisor of the expo, I would recommend Falun Gong to everyone."

Word of the magical effect of Falun Gong's healing and fitness did spread very fast and widely. More and more people came to the expo specifically to see the Falun Gong booth.

One day, close to the time when the expo closes for the day, people were doing some cleaning before leaving. At that time, a strong young man came to the booth, carrying a strong lady on his back and asking that she be healed. The person in charge of registering explained that the building would close soon and today's session was over. Master had healed many people that day and was very tired. They were asked to return tomorrow. But no matter how he explained, the patient did not leave. Master noticed that it was noisy in the front of the booth. So He came over and asked what was going on. After He saw what happened He healed the lady instantly.

This lady was riding on a bus when it braked sharply. She fell down and as a result her legs were paralyzed. Hospitals could not treat her and she had to stay at home. Her home was quite close to the expo and she came especially for the many miracles created by Falun Gong.

Master adjusted her body at the booth. The booth was not big and there were many people standing around who wanted to figure out how Master would heal her.

Because the Falun Gong booth was surrounded and all the people were crowding around, the space for healing kept getting smaller and smaller. The disciples had to ask everyone again and again to stand back a bit to make room.

The lady was rather tall, strong, and heavy. During the process of healing, Master sometimes carried her, back to back, and bent forward at the same time. So she was actually lying on Master's back and her body was stretched out. A while later, Master held her with her back against His chest, and at the same time, bent backwards. She was actually lying on Master's body again and her body was stretched out. And then Master helped her sit on the chair and patted her from her head all the way to her feet. Master also changed His positions, from standing at the beginning to bending and finally squatting.

Master was sweating a bit. I kept hoping it would come to an end quickly when I saw the whole process, in order to give Master a break since He had been working all day.

In about half an hour, Master asked her to stand up from the chair. And she did! He asked her to walk, and she took her first step since becoming a paraplegic. Finally, Master asked her to run. And she did! People around were so excited that they applauded loudly. They all excitedly discussed the miracles of Falun Gong which they had seen.

During the healing process, the woman not only had her body healed but her Third Eye was also opened. She was so excited that she wept loudly in front of Master but couldn't say a word. She kowtowed to Master again and again, with her head knocking resoundingly against the floor. Many people around the booth were shedding tears.

From the time she was healed until the end of the expo, every day the woman stood in front of the Falun Gong booth, telling the people coming in about the miracle that happened to her. More and more people came especially for Falun Gong. Some came to get healed. But more people came to find out where they could learn about Falun Gong and when the lectures would be given. More and more people were looking forward to learning Falun Gong. Right before the end of the expo, in order to satisfy everyone's strong wish to learn Falun Gong, Master personally wrote a notice about holding the sixth Falun Gong seminar in Beijing.

Thus the sixth Falun Gong seminar in Beijing began in the auditorium of the Nuclear Instrument Factory of Da Bei Yao in Beijing on January 5, 1993. The woman also became a practitioner.

These are just two of the many miracles that took place at the 1992 Oriental Health Expo. All kinds of miracles happened every day.

Master uses every method which everyday people living in delusion can accept to save sentient beings and enlighten people. Master has devoted a lot of care and effort to saving us. These eighteen years were full of ups and downs. And it has also been eighteen years of hardship.

I am also on the path of cultivation, and my path has been full of ups and downs. Only by cultivating myself well can I repay revered Master.