(Clearwisdom.net) I attended Master's class in Yanji in August 1994. This was this most valuable experience--the turning point in my life and the starting point of my cultivation--for the rest of my life.

Prior to cultivation I had been physically weak and had never recovered from hemorrhage during childbirth. Seeking medical treatment and being misdiagnosed led to additional illnesses, such as anemia, heart palpitations, gastritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, enteritis, high blood viscosity, heart disease, and other ailments. I was in pain every day. Despite my youth I took lots of medicine and was hospitalized once or twice a year. I was not the only who lived a difficult life; my family members also suffered and worried about me.

In desperation and about to lose hope, Master Li came to Yanji to teach the Fa. Since beginning cultivation I have not needed any medicine, as all my illnesses have disappeared.

Whenever I recall the scenes of Master expounding on the Fa in class I cannot hold back my tears.

Master's arrival in the small, remote city of Yanji to teach the Fa was a precious opportunity. I had heard that many places had invited Master, but he chose to come here. The lectures were held in Yanji Stadium. In order not to affect students' daytime work, all the classes were held in the evenings. The fee--50 yuan for new students--was the lowest in the qigong community. One lecture was held on a Sunday. To save on expenses for the students from surrounding areas and places further distant, Master gave two lectures that Sunday and finished all the lectures one day earlier than originally planned. In addition, each student was refunded 7 yuan. Actually, all the lectures were taught during the planned hours; we were not supposed to be get a refund. Moreover, Master immediately donated all the income from the lectures--7,000 yuan--to the Red Cross in Yanbian. These two incidents made me aware of Master's high morality and broadmindedness.

He lectured daily, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. At the conclusion of the eight days of lectures, I felt like a life reborn. My illnesses had disappeared, and I was cleansed physically and mentally. I remember how profoundly impressed I was when I entered the stadium--a giant Falun emblem hanging on the wall and an audience of more than 3,000 filling the stadium. I thought that, with so many people coming to learn, this qigong must be extraordinary.

Master arrived, and the audience applauded with excitement! My eyes followed Master. He was tall and handsome and looked compassionate. He sat down, adjusted the microphone, briefly introduced himself, then began the lecture. Master took a small piece of paper from his pocket and lectured without notes for over two hours. He explained profound principles in simple, easy to comprehend language. Now I know that while he lectured, Master was emitting countless Falun with each sound and gesture, to help adjust the students' bodies.

I had tried other types of qigong that merely addressed treating illness without mentioning any principles. Master's lecture made me aware that qigoing was not merely for treating illness, that its higher, inner meaning is cultivation. Only by being a good person through cultivation can illnesses be truly cured.

When Master finished the lecture he stood on one side of the stage and asked the students to stand up. He said, "I will count 1-2-3, and then you stamp your feet all together." As Master counted, he raised his right arm and brought it down with force on "3." Since there were so many students, the first time we did not all stamp together, so Master told us to repeat the procedure.

As I walked home following the first lecture, I felt light and relaxed, as if I were walking on air. I had never felt so comfortable. A warm stream seemed to pulsate in my body. On arising the next morning I felt dizzy and sick, and my legs were heavy. I became more and more uncomfortable, as if I would collapse. Later on I learned that the temporary bad feelings came from Master purifying our bodies and eliminating illnesses and karma for us. As I arrived at the stadium for the second day of classes and heard the beautiful Dafa exercise music, as if by magic, my discomfort was alleviated. Master told us at the beginning of that day's lecture, "I removed bad things from your body yesterday, and you may have felt your whole body light and very comfortable, but today you feel uncomfortable." I was astonished: "Oh, I see! How amazing!" Once again I told myself, "Study this Fa diligently. This is my life's choice; I will have no other pursuits."

One thing really astounded me. A student saw a gold necklace left unattended and handed it to a staff person. The next day before the lecture Master announced it had been found and asked the owner to claim it. Master said, "A Falun Gong site is a piece of pure land; anything anyone loses can be found." This incident is still part of my vivid memory. Everyone in today's society loves money, but Falun Gong practitioners will not take things that belong to others. It is a validation that Falun Gong teaches high morals and leads to raising one's moral levels.

I was like a different person at the conclusion of the eight days of classes. My mind and body were purified, and my outlook on the world and life were completely changed. I believed the stories of gods and Buddhas told by elderly people, I began to understand the meaning of life, and I gradually understood the meaning of cultivation. I witnessed Master's compassion--always considerate and responsible to the students. Master finished the 10-day classes in eight days without consideration for his fatigue and hardship, only to save time and expenses for the students. Prior to each daily lecture Master would test the microphone himself and inquired whether or not students sitting in the back could hear clearly. After each lecture Master walked slowly around the stadium during the exercises; the whole place was a harmonious field. Veteran students cordially helped the new students with the exercise moves. More than 3,000 people quietly learned each move in an orderly manner. We had learned all five sets of exercises at the conclusion of the eight days' lectures.

The last day's class was reserved to answer questions. Someone even asked how he could grow taller, yet Master patiently answered everyone. After the question and answer period, someone asked Master to do the Big Hand Gestures. Master sat on the table in the lotus position and first explained the requirements for double leg crossing and single leg crossing during the sitting meditation. I saw Master cross his legs, sitting there so solemn, and my heart was instantly filled with respect. Master said in a serious tone, "I can do the Big Hand Gestures, but you cannot just watch for entertainment; you must solidly cultivate." Watching Master moving his arms, doing the Big Hand Gestures, I could not help but burst into tears. I thought, "I have a Master now. I am a Falun Gong practitioner now."

While attending Master's lectures I made a vow: I am determined to cultivate Dafa and follow Master in this life. Sixteen years have passed. With Master and Dafa's guidance, I gained a deeper understanding of cultivation. I truly understand the great significance of cultivation and the Fa rectification. I never have any doubts about cultivation when the evil forces persecute Dafa. I firmly believe in Master and Dafa; nothing can prevent me from progressing in cultivation.

Thank you, great Master! Heshi!