(Clearwisdom.net) Master and I met more than 20 years ago, and we were colleagues for a few years. I had an injury due to a work-related accident, and as a result I had chronic pain in one of my arms. A colleague of mine told me Master was really good, that he knew qigong, and could treat illness, so he took me to see Master. In the office, Master used his hands to sweep back and forth over my arm a few times. I did not feel much of anything, but the pain eased. That was my first encounter with Master. I had knowledge that Master knew qigong and could send out gong. After that I started to pay attention to this young, new employee.

Master is tall, and he often wore a gray exercise suit. He was just like anyone else on the job, and never stood out. His work performance was not outstanding, but he did not get behind, either. During a performance at our workplace, Master invited his fellow workers over from the Forest Police Orchestra, organized a big orchestra, recruited everyone who could play an instrument to come out and practice together, and performed at different work units. Master's energy was very high, but he never appeared different, nor did he show off in any way. Only a small number of people from work knew that he could treat illnesses, and whoever was sick and asked for his help, Master would treat him. A colleague had numbness in his hand, and Master treated him. Master did not hurt him, but he said it felt like he was being poked with needles. Master told me that this person had too many illnesses, and that his body needed to be sectioned and treated one section at a time. At that time, I realized that Master was very powerful. After the persecution started, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) fabricated lies about Master, even though people did not quite understand Buddhism or cultivation, but they were sure that Master was not what the CCP had described.

At the time I was not healthy, as I had tuberculosis, heart disease, a stomach ailment, arthritis, migraines, and other problems. To improve my health, I started to practice qigong, and I asked for Master's help a lot. Master was always calm and friendly.

To practice qigong, the Laogong acupuncture point had to be opened first, as only then can one receive and send out qi and open the body's energy channels. Master twirled his finger on the Laogong point on my hand and said, "Let's just open it this much, as it doesn't do any good if the opening were too large, so this will do. You would not be able to open your Laogong on your own even after three years of practice." I told Master that my son also practiced qigong, and asked him to open my son's Laogong point too, and Master agreed. During the second class, while doing the Falun Heavenly Circulation exercise, Master walked up to my son, took a look at his hand, put his finger on my son's Laogong point, and twisted a bit. My son said it felt as if a small green bean was there, and the palms of his hands were cold. My son is very insensitive, but he felt it when Master opened his pressure point, and he was very excited.

Many people's Tianmu (Third Eye) were opened, and Master drew a line straight across my eyebrow and another line from the top of my head straight down to the bridge of my nose. I immediately saw bright spots in front of me. Master told me to look at the Shangen area between the eyebrows to exercise my Tianmu. I practiced for a while but stopped, and Master said there wasn't anything he could do if I didn't practice.

Master told me of an incident before he started to teach the Fa. One time he went to Thailand to visit his younger sister, and a business owner asked Master to treat his illness. At the time, there were many people present in the room. Someone came in to look for Master, and he went straight for a long-bearded elderly person. The elderly person said that he was not the one, that it was this young fellow. He looked at the young Master and was suspicious and wondered if he had the power. Eventually Master treated the patient to wellness.

One day I went to Master's office and saw him writing a draft. Master said he would publish a book later. That was in the winter of 1991. Master was making admission tickets and doing preparation work for the lectures.

Master often went to the Qigong Association on business. Some people there had their Tianmu open and were looking here and there. Master extended his hand and asked if they could see what was in it. An elderly woman was quiet, but she saw it and she said Master had a Buddha in his hand! When Master told me this incident, I was thinking about a Buddha in Master's hand and that Master was surely higher than an ordinary Buddha. Since my family had always been Buddhist, I already knew things in regard to cultivation of Buddhism and Taoism, as both the Buddha and Taoist masters cultivated among human beings, so that was not a big deal to me.

Usually Master's office was very quiet, and nobody had anything to say. Master's energy controlled everything. Master told me that the entire building benefited from it, but that they could not feel it.

In the years while I was practicing qigong, even though I felt something, I did not improve much. Master said qi will always be qi, and it cannot control anything. I did not understand it at the time. Master still did not tell me to stop practicing what I was practicing and to only practice his way. One time Master looked at me and said that my body had already opened up, so how come it all closed again? I wanted Master to help me to open my energy channels, and Master said that would require a very long time. Master suggested that I join his class at no charge. Therefore, I joined Master's Falun Gong second lecture class.

On May 25, 1992, at 6:00 pm, Master started his second class in the lecture hall at Changchun City Middle School No. 5. There were about 200 people present. Those that had signed up for the second class sat at the front, and practitioners from the first class sat on the steps, listened to the lecture, and demonstrated the exercise movements.

The majority of the people in the class were elderly women, and most of them were there to have illnesses cured. Some of them also practiced other qigong, and many were Buddhists. Master's lessons were two hours long, as he taught the Fa for about an hour and then he taught the exercises. For important topics, or when the audience could not understand, Master would write on the blackboard. Since the overall trend of qigong was to eliminate illness and keep a healthy body, Master talked about the Fa in the form of qigong, and some people had hard time getting the deeper meanings. As people came through the door, staff members gave everyone a little booklet that contained the exercise movements that Master had sketched in pencil. The introduction of the purpose and meaning of the exercises movements were even easier to read than China Falun Gong (Revised Edition).

In class, Master installed energy mechanisms in us. Since everyone is different, Master told us that some of us had energy mechanisms installed, and some did not, and some had more and some had less. I sat in the back, and did not know what my situation was, so I asked Master whether he had installed mechanisms in me or not. Master said "Did I install them in you? I installed the most in you!"

One day before class, a practitioner had evil spirits in her body and she did not appear normal, so we stood around her. A colleague of mine brought over a bottle of water and Master took a sip and spread a mist in front of her. I was standing at the front, and the mist also touched me. Master then patted her body to clean her up. I had heard about the method of spreading water into mist to treat illness, and people also went to the temple to ask about it, and the elder monk said that the water needed to be kept for one hundred days before the mist could form, as one cannot spread mist with regular water. After one thing and another, I came to see that Master's power was extraordinary.

One day, as we were leaving after finishing the Falun Heavenly Circulation exercise, Master said to me, "Did you see my hand gestures?" I said that I did not pay attention. Master said that many Buddhas came down and wanted to help out, and he communicated with them with hand gestures and told them he didn't need their help, that he could take care of this. I understood that Buddhas are helping Master.

I slept a lot because of migraines, so during the lectures I was listening and sleeping at the same time. Master said, "Even though you are sleeping, your Yuanshen (main spirit) are all very alert, and they are all listening." Master said our brains needed to be cleansed, and we have to be in an unconscious state or else we could not tolerate it. At that time I was not very clear about how to cultivate. My son felt very good after listening to Master, but he could not explain why. After the lecture, Master walked up to my son, who said to him "Your lecture was great!" Master's response was very calm.

After nine days of lectures, the tenth day was for answering questions, and practitioners asked questions and Master answered them. Many questions were in regard to Buddhism. This was the time when many Buddhist started to practice Dafa.

After the Second Class was over, Master said to me, "This lecture room has energy mechanisms in all four corners. Even now the red lights are still pouring out from the energy mechanism, and those with supernormal capabilities can see it and it can always be seen." I asked Teacher if the mechanism could be taken back. Master said, "I'm not going to take them back, we'll just let them stay here." After Master came back from Beijing, he said that he left energy wherever he touched, and leaving energy there had benefits. Master had talked about this in different lectures. Then Master rode his bicycle, a worn, old-fashioned one, and circled all of Changchun City, cleaning the entire city and installing energy mechanisms. Master told me, "The whole of Changchun City is installed with energy mechanisms, so you can do the exercises anywhere." After that I gave up all the other qigong, practiced Falun Gong genuinely, and gradually understood what cultivation was. In less than six months, all my illnesses were gone.

Changkong Club

On August 9, 1992, on a Sunday, Master gave a lecture at the Changkong Club and treated illnesses for free. Family and friends and everyone could go, and my whole family went. That day, right after Master arrived, he asked a sick woman on a gurney to be carried onto the stage. He did not do much of anything, but he told her to sit up and then stand up and then walk in a circle. She ran a few circles on stage, and in just a few minutes a person who was bedridden was healed. The audience got very excited! At the time my daughter's Tianmu was open, and she saw Master sitting on the stage and in the audience a large Buddha was facing Master. There were more giant Buddhas outside, and they were taller than the building. Master gave some lectures and then sent gong to treat the audience's illnesses. So many people experienced immediate results. Our whole family's health improved to differing degrees.

I practiced qigong for a few years and only emphasized the movements, but did not improve much at all. I gradually learned that Falun Gong and other qigong were different, and one has to harmonize the fundamental characteristic of the universe, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and emphasize the cultivation of xinxing. Cultivators are expected to have very high "virtue." It is like, "If you want to set the person's heart right, his thoughts have to be sincere."

After that, I went to all of Master's lectures in Changchun. I would go for a few days but did not always go for the whole nine days. For a while I felt something jump up and down on my eyelid, and it circled around my eyes and crawled to the tip of my nose and then hung on my nostril. I asked Teacher about it. Master looked at it carefully, patted my shoulder, and said happily "Not bad. You have cultivated a small dragon in you." After practicing Falun Gong for six months, I had cultivated a being in me, and Master was happy and I was happy. It was leaping around in my body, but it didn't hurt or itch. As we genuinely cultivated, everyone had different situations, and we would ask Master about them. Master said about these life forms in "Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa" -- Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun:

"They are found in higher levels, too. Usually they haven't reached there through cultivation but have been born in that natural environment. The beings, such as a dragon, that are developed from the body of a cultivator who cultivates at a high level are of course yours, and they will go along with you to that high level when you reach Consummation."

Master knows everything and can explain anything clearly.

Jilin University Front Gate (Jiefang Avenue)

Master said in Zhuan Falun:

"The last time we held a class at Jilin University, a practitioner pushed his bike as he was going through the main entrance of Jilin University. As soon as he walked into the middle of the road, all of a sudden two cars sandwiched him. The cars almost hit him, but he was not scared at all. Normally, we are not frightened at all upon running into these things. At that very second, the cars stopped and nothing happened."

That was me in that story. It was Class Seven in Changchun in May 1994, the day class. After the class ended, I was the last one to leave Mingfang Palace. I was at the front gate of Jilin University and saw Master standing at the gate. I was pushing my bicycle in the middle of crossing the Jiefang Avenue fast car lane when two cars coming from the west and the east sandwiched me in the middle. They almost hit me, but they both stopped suddenly. I was not scared and walked to the slow car lane and looked behind me. Master was standing on the east side of the crosswalk, and he was still looking at me. At the time, I did not understand the situation until after reading the newly published Zhuan Falun in 1995. That incident was intended to take my life away, but Master protected me and I repaid a life debt, too.

After 1993, Master was giving lectures all over the country, and he could not work full time anymore, so he applied for a leave of absence at work. In 1995 Master went to teach the Fa abroad, so it was even harder to see Master again. Master once came back from abroad, and he received practitioners at Dizhi Palace. He said to my son, "Give my regards to your dad." After talking awhile with practitioners, Master said again to my son to give his regards to me. Master repeated it three times. Master was still thinking of me and the people in his hometown and was also thinking of the friends who were close to him.

It has been more than ten years, and I miss Master very much. I inquire about any news of Master, and hope the persecution ends soon and Master will come back.

May 10, 2010