(Clearwisdom.net) Lishui County 610 Office agent Duan Liqing, domestic security division head Wang Yong, along with others, arrested 13 Falun Gong practitioners in 2009. Two of the practitioners were sentenced and are now in a detention center. The rest of the practitioners were detained at brainwashing centers for from two weeks to several months. The authorities searched the homes of these 13 practitioners and took their personal property, including computers, printers, CD/DVD writers, a laminator, cameras, flashlights, cash, and their house keys.

The police said, "For people like you who want to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and want to be good people, we can arrest you whenever we want, and we can take whatever stuff from you that we want. It all depends on what we need. It is meaningless for you to disagree. This is stipulated by the Central Party Committee, the highest authority of the CCP."

The names of the 13 practitioners thus far learned include Mr. Zhang Wenzhou, Ms. Sun Guanglan, Ms. Xiong Huiming, Mr. Hu Dehua, Ms. Xie Jin'e, Ms. Liu Changfeng, Mr. Bian Weili, Mr. Xiong Yuelin, Mr. Yan Jiahuai, Ms. Pan Chengying, and Ms. Liu Guiqin.

Mr. Zhang Wenzhou, a handicapped retired teacher nearly 80 years-old, has been sent to a forced labor camp twice and has been sent to brainwashing centers many times. In 2009 Mr. Zhang was again detained, this time for several months.

Ms. Sun Guanglan has been persecuted many times. Her husband divorced her because he couldn't withstand the pressure. Due to this persecution, Ms. Sun now has symptoms of serious illnesses (gallstones, heart disease, gastric hemorrhage, and so on), and she almost died. She was also detained this time. Her daughter is still a student and has also been illegally detained.

Mr. Xiong Yuelin was a Lishui County theater employee. He was sent to a forced labor camp twice. His mother suffered mental trauma because her son was persecuted again, and she passed away soon after. Mr. Xiong was sentenced to three years of imprisonment in 2009 and is now in a detention center.

Mr. Yan Jiahuai was detained three times in detention centers and was sent to a brainwashing center several times. His mother could not withstand the repeated persecution of her son, and she fell ill. When she was in critical condition, she wanted to see her son one more time. Her fellow villagers co-signed a letter and submitted it to the authorities, asking that Mr. Yan be allowed to come home to see his mother one last time. The authorities refused the request, and his mother died, her final wish unfulfilled. Mr. Yan's daughter is now in college, and his son is in high school. But they may have to discontinue their education because their father is being persecuted and they can't afford the tuition.

Pan Chengying and Liu Guiying are being held in Judong Forced Labor Camp.

In March 2010, three practitioners were arrested. On March 8, Ms. Zhao Chuanhong and Ms. Zhao Dongmei were arrested, and on March 22, Mr. Zhu Dalian was arrested.