(Clearwisdom.net) The eternal gate of heaven is open, and all lives come for the Fa. For every life in the world today, it is not easy to be here. Sentient beings have waited for a long time for this day - to be saved by Dafa. Many fellow practitioners also know that the Fa-rectification will soon conclude. However, some practitioners have become lazy. Lazy in doing the three things, and not paying enough attention to the security of phone calls. Some practitioners don't realize the damage that human attachments are causing. I we don't study the Fa seriously, it will take a long time to identify attachments and eliminate them. If indeed the Fa-rectification were to end today, after we return to our original places, many practitioners may have deep regrets. They will regret not doing better when they had the chance.

I think it is good that the time has been extended, so that more lives will have the chance to be saved.

To those practitioners who are still detained, the extended time is also a good thing. If things were to end now, when practitioners returned to the heavens, the things that they didn't do well would be obvious, and there would be regrets forever. How can gods with mighty power be detained by the Chinese Communist Party and miss saving those lives that they were here to save?

The additional time is also good for all cultivators. Those who are diligent can become more diligent, and those who have lagged behind can seize the time and catch up.

Master said,

"In reality, the entire world has been divided up with a piece apportioned to each Dafa disciple. This is reflected in how things are on Earth, and the people in this world correspond to the cosmos." ("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference")

Every practitioner can influence everyday people as well as their own universe. The Fa is boundless. During the time extended by Master, facing the great Dafa, we are obligated to cultivate ourselves better, so that we may reach higher levels.