Name: Wang Zhaohui (王朝晖)
Gender: Female
Age: Forties

Address: Unknown
Occupation: Real estate manager
Date of Most Recent Arrest: September 9, 2009
Most Recent Place of Detention: Liaoning Province Women's Prison (辽宁省女子监狱)
City: Shenyang
Province: Liaoning
Persecution suffered: Beatings, imprisonment, torture, physical restraint, home ransacked, detention

( Ms. Tu Xiujuan was illegally sentenced to three years in prison (see related article Ms. Wang Zhaohui, who was arrested at the same time as Ms. Tu, was sentenced to four years in prison by the Shenhe District Court of Shenyang City, and is imprisoned in the Liaoning Province Women's Prison. The Shenhe District Court held a secret trial for Ms. Wang. Her family was not notified. After the new year, her family went to the Shenyang Detention Center to deliver some clothing for her, and found that she was no longer being held in the detention center.

Both Ms. Tu and Ms. Wang were managers at Heheyuan Realty. On September 9, 2009, they were arrested by officers from the Shenhe Public Security Branch Bureau, Shenyang City Public Security, and their homes were ransacked. Plainclothes police officers from Shenhe National Security handcuffed Ms. Wang and then violently beat her. In November 2009, the Shenhe District Court falsely accused and tried Ms. Tu. She was sentenced to three years in prison. Ms. Wang was sentenced to a four year prison term.

Wang Zhaohui, 41, has been practicing Falun Gong for 12 years. As a result of practicing, she not only enjoyed good health, but also became enthusiastic about life. Her friends praised her by saying, "She would rather suffer herself than let others suffer."

When the Chinese Communist Party started persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in 1999, Ms. Wang persisted in her belief and told many people the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution. She explained that she was persecuted numerous times and cruelly tortured in the forced labor camps. She was tortured on a death bed, and also handcuffed and suspended.

Below are those responsible for the persecution:

Shenhe District National Security Branch Bureau Brigade,
Shenyang City Public Security Bureau
4 Donghuanan Lane, Shenyang Road, Shenyang City, 110011, Phone: 86-24-24842260

Shenhe District National Security Branch Bureau Brigade:
Zhao Hongtao, 86-13904024113 (Cell), 86-24-24850789 (Office), 86-24-24849412 (Home)
Zhao Chen, police officer: 86-13700010698 (Cell)
Li Long, police officer: 86-24-8116669
Zhang Hao, police officer: 86-24-24847879

Shenhe District Court:
Li Hong, judge: 86-24-84119982

Director: Yue Mingwei
Second Court presiding judge: Wang Wei
Third Court presiding judge: Ai Lan