(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Bai Jingzhi was very well known in the Hongshi Forestry Bureau of Huadian City, Jilin Province. He was known as a scoundrel in his area. His return to being a better person was filled with hardship and sadness. There is a Chinese saying, "A repentant libertine is more precious than gold." However, the government under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has arrested him for his newfound beliefs.

Mr. Bai Jingzhi was employed by the Lumber Manufacturing Company of Hongshi Forestry Bureau, Huadian City, Jilin Province. He was previously addicted to alcohol, gambling, and using prostitutes. He eventually stopped working and wandered the streets. He didn't return the money he borrowed from others, his temper was out of control, and his family relations were in constant flux. He was frequently bossy and arrogant with his wife, and was known to become violent. The family's financial situation was in bad shape as well.

In 1997, someone told him about Falun Gong, and unexpectedly he started practicing. From then on, he conducted himself according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He gradually eliminated many bad habits and learned to be considerate of others. At work he was diligent and was among the first to take on the dirtiest and most laborious tasks. His managers and colleagues noticed a dramatic change in his behavior after he began practicing Falun Gong.

Mr. Bai's attitude toward his siblings also improved after he began cultivating. He became uncomfortable with the debts that he wasn't able to pay back, and just thinking about them caused him anxiety. Because he owed a lot of money and his daughter was about to go to college, he learned how to make fried fritters, twisted sesame fritters, and soy bean milk. He and his wife rented a shop and opened a diner. He got up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare for the next day's customers. He became very considerate towards his wife, as well.

Unfortunately, at about the time he started becoming a good person, the Chinese Communist Party started the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Mr. Bai was eventually arrested and sentenced to three years of forced labor, but he did not give up his beliefs.

On January 11, 2010, Mr. Bai and other practitioners went to Erdaodianzi Town of Huadian City to distribute Falun Gong information. Gao Yanguo, secretary of the local CCP committee, telephoned the police station and ordered Cui Guangyan, an official of the local Comprehensive Governing Office, and local police chief Sun Yiman, to arrest Mr. Bai and the other practitioners. Mr. Bai was taken to the Huadian City Detention Center.

The Huadian City National Security Team refused to meet with Mr. Bai's attorney. Instead, agents falsified the "crime scene" by planting some Falun Gong information at the door to Mr. Bai's home, then videotaped it as evidence to accuse Mr. Bai. A neighbor witnessed this falsification of evidence and exposed it.

Mr. Bai's 80-year-old mother goes daily to the Huadian City Police Department and 610 Office to request her son's release. While there, she is threatened and cursed at by the officers on duty.

March 24, 2010