(Clearwisdom.net) According to incomplete statistics compiled by Minghui.net (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net), more than thirty female Falun Gong practitioners suffered a mental collapse during their imprisonment at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province. This number does not include the practitioners who died at the labor camp as a result of their mental conditions. Among the practitioners who experienced serious mental trauma, some have seen no improvement even several years after their release. Others have improved with the help of fellow practitioners, but have not completely recovered. We have also learned that some practitioners died not long after they were released.

The following is a partial account of the persecution at Masanjia that led to practitioners' mental collapse.

Case 1: Ms. Su Juzhen

Ms. Su Juzhen was a Falun Gong practitioner from Suizhong County, Huludao City. Her family life became harmonious after she started cultivation practice and her family was once voted one of Huludao City's "Ten Model Families."

Ms. Su was sent to Masanjia Labor Camp on October 31, 1999. Guard Wang Yanping once summoned her to a confinement cell, stripped her naked and shocked her with an electric baton for an entire night. The torture left her covered with blisters and bruises. Her eyes and face were severely swollen. Guards Qiu Ping and others later took Ms. Su to the psychiatric department of a certain hospital where they ordered doctors to prescribe medications intended for psychotic patients. At the labor camp, Ms. Su was forced to take the medications every day, resulting in damage to her central nervous system. She developed a mental disorder. In order to evade their responsibility, camp officials released Ms. Su. She couldn't eat anything until 22 days after she returned home. Her family discovered unhealed wounds on her genitalia and needle pricks on her body. A once beautiful and competent woman was reduced to a catatonic state, with bruises covering her body. She had a dull expression and couldn't think, talk or walk, and had lost her memory. She had to rely on others to feed her and help her use the restroom. Ms. Su died on April 8, 2006.

Case 2: Ms. Li Chunlan

Ms. Li Chunlan is a 37-year-old unmarried practitioner from Qinghe District, Tieling City, Liaoning Province. After being sent to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp three times, she became mentally disoriented. Her father is unemployed, and her younger sister Li Chunhong, once the only income earner in her family, is currently held in the Masanjia Labor Camp.

Li Chunlan before suffering persecution

Ms. Li Chunlan is now mentally disoriented after being incarcerated at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp three times

Case 3: Ms. Dong Xiuqin

Ms. Dong Xiuqin was a teacher at the Chaoyangjie Elementary School in Lingyuan City. Due to the torments she endured at Masanjia, she became mentally traumatized. On October 13, 2009 the guards claimed that she faked her mental injury and ordered her to do hard labor. When Ms. Dong refused, she was severely beaten. During the beating, several of her teeth were knocked out and some of her hair was pulled out. The guards also handcuffed Ms. Dong and hung her by her handcuffed wrists.

Case 4: Zhang Haiyan

Zhang Haiyan

Ms. Zhang Haiyan went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong in September 2001 and was arrested. Police from her local area picked her up from Beijing and took her back to the local police station where they beat her. She was held in the Heishan Detention Center for two months before being transferred to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Ms. Zhang was detained in Masanjia for two years and suffered a mental collapse. She was clearly mentally disoriented when her family picked her up from the camp in March 2003. Ms. Zhang died on January 18, 2004.

Case 5: Li Jinghua

Ms. Li Jinghua, 34, is from Zhaoduba Township, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City. She was sent to Masanjia on October 30, 1999, and began showing signs of mental disability in 2001. Guard Zhang Yan once held Ms. Li in a confinement cell and tortured her there for nine days straight. On another occasion, the guards deprived Ms. Li of sleep for 24 hours and shocked her with electric batons. Ms. Li was sent to a psychiatric hospital for further abuse and mistreatment, and she eventually suffered a mental collapse. The guards responsible for torturing Ms. Li included Division Three heads Yang Yu and Zhang Yan, and Dvision One head Wang Yanping.

Li Jinghua became mentally disoriented after two years at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

Case 6: Zhang Xiaomin

Ms. Zhang Xiaomin was sent to Masanjia around August 2002 and suffered mental trauma soon after. To evade responsibility for her condition, labor camp authorities ordered her family to pick her up. On November 28, 2002, after Ms. Zhang had returned home, she fell to her death from the sixth floor when no one else was around.

Case 7: Huang Yanjun

Ms. Huang Yanjun is from Lingyuan City. Masanjia Labor Camp division heads Lu Yueqin and Wang Xueqiu ordered collaborators to take turns beating her at least three times every day, with at least three people involved each time. When the perpetrators tired, they used a wooden plank to hold her to the ground. They also humiliated her by hanging a cardboard sign around her neck and putting a tall hat on her head. To increase her torment, they also hung a sand-filled bag around her neck. In addition, they knocked Ms. Huang down and stomped on her, forced her to stand for long periods of time without sleeping, hung her up by handcuffs, and shocked her with electric batons. Even though she lost all of her hair and was severely bruised, Ms. Huang was still determined to practice cultivation. The labor camp hired 30-40 police officers and stationed them on the first floor, where they brutally tortured determined practitioners, including Ms. Huang Yanjun. It is not clear what measures they used against the practitioners, but Ms. Huang suffered a mental collapse during this round of persecution.

Case 8: Liu Dianqin

Ms. Liu Dianqin was confined in a camp storage room where a group of people took turns bombarding her with fabricated theories in an attempt to brainwash her. She remained steadfast in her resolve to practice Falun Gong. The guards handcuffed Ms. Liu and beat her. They also ordered her to curse Master Li and Dafa. The division head called in four male guards and ordered them to take Ms. Liu to a confinement cell where they handcuffed her to a small bench for 15 days. Her hands and legs became extremely swollen. Ms. Liu was later taken back to the storage room where more people attempted to brainwash her. One morning, two people twisted her arms behind her back and handcuffed them to a heating pipe. They then slapped her face until it became severely swollen. They also stuffed filthy things into her mouth. Since she refused to do the physical exercises required of her, guard Ren Hongzan ordered two people to twist her arms behind her back and then drag her around by her hands. When those two people became exhausted, another group of people took over to continue the torture. They also grabbed her hair during the process. By the time this torture stopped, her arms were in so much pain that she couldn't move them. One day in December 2003, division heads Wang Xiaofeng and Zhang Chunguang summoned Ms. Liu to the office for a talk. She eventually suffered a mental collapse from the overwhelming pressure.

Case 9: Zheng Juxiang

Ms. Zheng Juxiang is from Dalian City. She was in good health when she was sent to Masanjia in 2004. Because she refused to give up her belief, the guards arranged for her to stay in a team composed of collaborators, who took turns insulting and torturing her. Guard Lu Yaoqin and others beat her so brutally that she suffered a mental collapse. They confined her in a storage room for three consecutive months and bombarded her with brainwashing attempts. After this round of persecution, Ms. Zheng's expression became dull and she experienced muscle atrophy in her legs. She walked unsteadily and her mental condition continued to deteriorate.

Case 10: Zou Guirong

Ms. Zou Guirong, an employee from the Xinbin County Highway Bureau in Fushun City, was sent to Masanjia in 2000. The guards used various methods to torture her for five consecutive days. Guards Zhang Xiurong and Wang Naimin shocked her with four electric batons at the same time. They also pricked her with a steel needle. She had bruises everywhere. Her thighs were so swollen that she couldn't get up onto her bed. Division One head Wang ordered someone to inject Ms. Zou with drugs that damaged her central nervous system. Five minutes after the injection, she couldn't move and had a dull, lifeless expression. She was then sent to Team Four where team head Zhang Xiuyun gave her a savage beating. Camp officials eventually transferred Ms. Zou to the Shenxin Forced Labor Camp and then to the Dabei Prison Hospital where she was brutally force-fed. She spit blood as a result. Seeing that she was on the brink of death, the guards released Ms. Zou. Not long afterwards, however, the local police arrested her again and sent her to the Wujiabao Forced Labor Camp in Fushun City. Ms. Zou died in the Fushun Hospital in late April 2002, at the age of 36.

Case 11: Qi Zhenrong

Ms. Qi Zhenrong, from Benxi City, became mentally traumatized after being tortured at Masanjia.

Case 12: Tian Shaohua

Ms. Tian Shaohua, who is from Jinzhou City, while at Masanjia became so emaciated and weak that she needed support to walk. Even so, the guards declared she was faking her condition, and hung her up by her handcuffed hands. Ms. Tian had to relieve herself in her pants, and her hands and feet became numb from the torture. Despite her condition, the guards still made her do hard labor. She eventually suffered a mental collapse.

Case 13: Sun Jinjun

Ms. Sun Jinjun was previously a teacher at the Fifteenth Middle School in Anshan City. While locked up in Masanjia, guards Wang Xiaofeng and Xue Feng tortured her with a number of methods, including force-feeding, keeping her in a confinement cell, handcuffing her arms behind her back, depriving her of sleep, and tying her up for several days straight. They also extended her detention term by more than ten months. Ms. Sun's husband was unable to tolerate the mental pressure and divorced her while she was at Masanjia. At the time, their child was only four years old. The mental torment and severe physical abuse led to Ms. Sun Jinjun's mental collapse.

Case 14: Liu Guiying

Ms. Liu Guiying is from Qingyuan County, Fushun City. Fushun Forced Labor Camp officials covertly transferred her and several other practitioners to the Women's Section of Masanjia on March 1, 2000. Guard Fang Yehong ordered the practitioners to describe their attitudes toward Falun Gong and to write reports. They arranged for people to monitor them at all times. These people also tried to brainwash Ms. Liu. She refused to be brainwashed and was thus deprived of sleep. Ms. Liu was forced to sit on a small bench to do so-called "study," and was also ordered to read books aloud that slandered Dafa. The practitioners were not allowed to sleep until midnight. Six practitioners including Ms. Liu Guiying became mentally traumatized as a result of the severe abuse.

Case 15: Zhang Yanqiu

Ms. Zhang Yanqiu became mentally disoriented due to the torture and brainwashing she experienced at Masanjia in 2003.

Case 16: Shen Shuwen

Ms. Shen Shuwen, 49, became mentally unstable after long-term detention and torture at Masanjia in 2003. It was very cold in the hallway during winter, but guards Yu Liancheng and others dragged her and other practitioners to the hallway in the middle of the night, not allowing them to wear warm clothes. They hung Ms. Shen up from a metal door, with her feet unable to touch the ground and didn't let her down until she lost consciousness. Ms. Shen eventually became mentally unstable after the long-term persecution.

Case 17: Yang Yuejun

Ms. Yang Yuejun, in her sixties, is from Yingkou City. She was sent to Masanjia in 2003. Guards Zhang Xiurong and Wang Xiuju beat her numerous times between October 10, 2003 and January 22, 2004. They often found excuses to have those who were assigned to monitor her to leave the room so they could abuse her with no one else present. Ms. Yang had facial injuries and bruises and couldn't move her hands. To prevent other practitioners from seeing Ms. Yang's injuries, the guards prevented her from returning to her cell for more than two weeks. Wang Xiuju also hung her upside down by her feet. Ms. Yang subsequently developed mental problems.

Case 18: Liu Wenzhi

Ms. Liu Wenzhi lives on Beigang Street, in Longgang District, Huludao City. She was sent to Masanjia on April 14, 2002. The guards deprived her of sleep and handcuffed her hands and feet to a pillar. She had to relieve herself in her pants. To prevent the odor from spreading, the guards wrapped her in a big plastic bag and then tied her hands and feet. Ms. Liu was beyond recognition by April 23 and didn't recognize her family members. By the time she was released, Ms. Liu was severely mentally debilitated.

Case 19: Yu Xiuchun

Ms. Yu Xiuchun, a practitioner from Lingyuan City, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in October 2000. Chengguanzhen Police Station head Zhou Qinghua, political head Liu and deputy head Du Jingan arrested her. They held Ms. Yu at the Lingyuan Detention Center for a while before transferring her to Masanjia in early November 2000. She was tortured to the point of mental collapse during her incarceration at Masanjia. The guards later ordered her family to pick her up. Ms. Yu died eight months later, on July 8, 2001, at the age of 47.

Case 20: Zhang Qilin

Ms. Zhang Qilin is from Shenyang City. Camp officials launched a campaign against detained practitioners on October 7, 2008, to achieve the so-called "100% 'reform' rate." Under orders from camp director Zhou, leaders of Team One, including Li Mingyu, Zhang Chunguang, Zhao Guorong and Guan Lin, began torturing Ms. Zhang Qilin, Ms. Wang Chunying, Ms. Qi Zhenhong, Ms. Zhong Shujuan, and other detained practitioners. The tortures lasted from six hours to three days. Ms. Wang couldn't straighten her hands. Ms. Zhang had her arm broken and became mentally disoriented. Ms. Zhong was tied up spread-eagle on a bed for two days. In addition to the above-mentioned guards (all female), two male guards, Peng Tao and Zhang Liang, were also involved.

Case 21: Qi Zhenjiang

As in the case of Ms. Zhang Qilin, Ms. Qi Zhenjiang was also brutally tortured on October 7, 2008. She was also hung up by her handcuffs for three days after the beatings and subsequently became mentally disoriented.

Case 22: Zhao Suqin

Ms. Zhao Suqin, 47, was transferred from Beijing to Masanjia. Prior to the May 13, 2009 World Falun Dafa Day, she refused to wear a prisoner ID badge and was brutally beaten by division head Zhang Chunguang. Ms. Zhao became mentally disoriented as a result, and was sent to a hospital where two guards monitored her at all times. Camp officials still had not informed her family of her condition by April 15, 2009.

Case 23: Li Cuizhi

Ms. Li Cuizhi is from Beilu Township, Lingyuan City. On August 1, 2007, officers from the Lingyuan Police Department including Yang Minghui, Wang Guilin, Chen Zhi and Li Zhenghua went to Beilu Township, where they arrested 42 Falun Gong practitioners. Ms. Hu Yanrong died during the arrest, and Ms. Li Cuizhi became mentally unstable. The police sentenced nine of the practitioners to prison and sent five of them to Masanjia. The police extorted 8,000 yuan from Ms. Li Cuizhi's family.

Case 24: Bai Kun

Ms. Bai Kun is only in her twenties. After she was arrested in 2002 she became mentally unstable and couldn't take care of herself. Even though she later got better, she often cried uncontrollably. Guard Qiu Ping took advantage of her condition and had people try to "reform" her. After she "agreed" to give up her belief in Falun Gong, they took her to visit every cell, attempting to use Ms. Bai to "reform" other practitioners. Disoriented, every night she wanders around different cells and often stands, staring at practitioners in their beds.

Case 25: Cui Zhenhuan

Ms. Cui Zhenhuan is from Tieling City. After two years of detention at Masanjia, she changed from a kind woman into a mentally unstable and unpredictable person who threw tantrums and was violent. Her family went to pick her up on November 17, 2002, when her two-year term expired.

Because she was mentally traumatized, Ms. Cui refused to go home and insisted staying at the labor camp. The camp guards eventually tied her up and put her in the car. Her family couldn't imagine the abuse she must have experienced that led to this behavior. Even more heartbreaking is that the labor camp pushed her back into society, claiming that it was Falun Gong that led to her mental collapse. Even now, no one knows the details of the abuse that Ms. Cui experienced under the persecution. Based on some of what they learned, her family believes that a team head named Dai Yuhong is personally responsible for her condition.

Case 26: Tian Shaoyan

Ms. Tian Shaoyan was arrested by the Suizhong County Domestic Security Division on May 6, 2008, and sent to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp on May 27. Due to the torture and brainwashing there, she became mentally ill and muddle-headed. She can't stand or walk, nor can she hold things in her hands. She needs other people to feed her. She has lost several teeth. She is very thin and no longer talks. Ms. Tian doesn't even recognize her family. When her daughter looks at her, she shows no response. It has been learned that guard Wang Yanping once hung her up at Masanjia Labor Camp.

Case 27: Jiang Wei

Ms. Jiang Wei became mentally traumatized after nearly two and a half years of detention at Masanjia. Following her release she had nowhere to go and she wandered around. Ms. Jiang eventually recovered with the help of kind Falun Gong practitioners.

Case 28: Wang Ling

Ms. Wang Ling has become mentally unstable after several years of torture at Masanjia.

Case 29: Yin Liping

Ms. Yin Liping, a practitioner from Tieling City, had been incarcerated in six different labor camps. While she was at Masanjia she lost her memory for a time. She had a dull and blank expression, slurred speech, and was muddle-headed.

Case 30: Hu Ying

Ms. Hu Ying, an employee from the Northeast Oil Transportation Bureau in Tieling City, was arrested again in July 2008 and subsequently sent to the Liaoning Province Women's Prison where she was repeatedly abused, and as a result, had to be sent to a hospital many times. When her family recently visited her, they noticed that she was muddle-headed and didn't recognize them. The prison guards extorted more than 300 yuan from the family for supposed medical expenses. They said that Ms. Hu was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and showed them the documentation.

Case 31: Wang Shuxia

Ms. Wang Shuxia, a practitioner from Tiefa Town, was incarcerated at Masanjia for three years. Camp officials kept her in a damp and cold confinement cell in 2002, where they handcuffed her and hung her up by her hands. No one was allowed to have any contact with Ms. Wang, and no one knew how she survived such an ordeal. Not long after, she developed a mental disorder and was released. In November 2007, Ms. Wang brought a television and a DVD player to a farmers' market, planning to show a DVD about the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution. Before she was even able to set it up, agents from Hongfang Police Station arrested her and sent her to the Domestic Security Division. Diaobingshan Court officials tried Ms. Wang covertly on January 15, 2008, and sentenced her to Masanjia. She died two days later following arrival at the camp, at age 45.

We have recently learned that there is another practitioner who became mentally disoriented at Masanjia and was sent to a hospital. The details are still being investigated.