(Clearwisdom.net) At age 11, Chen Youhui is the youngest member of the Divine Land Marching Band in Taiwan.

Chen Youhui (first on the right in the front row) attended Minghui school, learning meditation when she was six.

Chen Youhui won first prize in a fifth grade composition contest. She wrote an essay about her experiences reading Zhuan Falun. Here is an excerpt:

"My mother gave me Zhuan Falun, the main Falun Gong text, for my birthday when I was five. This is the first book I was able to read without phonetic symbols. My mother taught me how to read it word by word. I still enjoy reading it over and over again. I don't even know the number of times I've read it. However, reading Zhuan Falun frequently enables me to have a deeper understanding, especially about being a good person and thinking of others before myself in all that I do.

"My mother said, "Whenever I come across anything, I must measure it with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. If I abide by the principles of these three words, I am able to find a proper way to solve any problem. The principle of "Truthfulness" is to do truthful things and be a true person. "Compassion" means that I must be kind to others. "Forbearance" tells me to be patient, to forgive, and to be able to bear hardship.

"I feel that "forbearance" is the most difficult to do. When I was a little girl, I angered very easily. One of the boys in my school took advantage of me and even hit me with a broom. After studying Zhuan Falun, I began thinking about what happened to me. He didn't do it on purpose. I may have owed him in a previous life. I stopped crying and complaining to my teacher. I found that when I gave up the attachment to fighting with him, I no longer felt any misgivings, and the boy also stopped bothering me. He even willingly offered his help. As I grew up, I came to gradually understand that when troubles come along, it's time to improve my level of xinxing. I always remember "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" to turn problems into good things.

"In Zhuan Falun Teacher said,

"We have said, however, that as a practitioner one should not fight back when being punched or insulted, but should conduct oneself with a high standard." (Zhuan Falun)

"From this, I learned that I should care only about myself, but also be considerate of others. I've been happy to help classmates in school, and also I feel a bit sorry for my schoolmates who are disliked, because they don't want to have poor test records and to be unpopular with others. Thus I don't dislike them, and sometimes I try to help them.

"I came also to realize the connotations of high moral standards in the book, where every chapter tells us not only how to be good people, but also guides us in our daily lives, whether at home or in school. Whenever I had frictions with schoolmates, I thought of what Teacher said in the book to encourage me as well as to calm my emotions. This book has changed me from being a quick-tempered little girl to a gentler, softer, kinder, and easier to get along-with person. This is a great book worth reading by more people!"

Chen Youhui's sharing made people sigh with emotion! Even though she is young, she's obtained this good understanding. Her healthy growing-up undoubtably has lots to do with Zhuan Falun. How could a young, broadminded girl like her with good self-control, not be happy, and her school studies not be successful? If she keeps on going like this, her future will be bright and unlimited.

Talking about her makes me wonder about the poor students in China who have been poisoned with textbooks and reading materials that are full of stuff smearing Falun Gong, leading them to confuse right and wrong. Even worse, children from families that practice Falun Gong are forced to withdraw from school. A little while back, there was an article posted on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website about the persecution of a PhD candidate. It was a very sad but true story.

This PHD candidate, Mr. Yu Yaou, was about to graduate from the Chinese Academy of Science South China Botanical Garden. Due to the fact that Mr. Yu, on his "Thank You" page in the PhD graduation thesis, wrote sincerely that, "First of all I must thank Falun Dafa, and without its righteous support and strength, this thesis would not have been possible." This statement from the bottom of his heart is not against any written regulation, but nevertheless, the 610 Office frequently interfered with Mr. Yu's research work, threatening his graduation and future job opportunities in order to achieve their evil purpose.

On February 6, 2010, some lawless officials from 610 Office forced Mr. Yu's professor to bring forth three choices, right in front of Mr. Yu, Mr. Yu's parents, and his wife, "The first choice is, get rid of that statement, and don't talk about Falun Dafa in the question-answer session, and your professor will assist you to go through Q & A. Then you will graduate and get your degree. Second choice is, quit your school and move out. Third choice is, wait for 610 Office to come and arrest you." Mr. Yu was again threatened the following day.

Such are the big differences between Taiwan and China! In Taiwan, a little elementary school student can write things freely from her mind without interference, whereas in China a PhD candidate was threatened with expulsion and arrest.

February 23, 2010