(Clearwisdom.net) While practicing the sitting meditation "Strengthening Divine Powers" ("Shentong Jiachi Fa"), I can keep my torso erect and my neck upright at the beginning. However, after a while, my posture starts to slouch little by little. If I don't correct my sitting position in time, I continue to relax and eventually doze off.

In the past, I thought that I was not the only person in this situation. Many practitioners who cultivate better than me also slouch while practicing the sitting meditation. Therefore, I have never paid enough attention to the sitting position. Master said,

"Studying the Fa and doing cultivation are a person's own affair. Yet often there are quite a number of students who consistently take other people as their role models--they look at how other people do things and then follow suit. This is a kind of poor behavior developed among everyday people." ("Path," Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Master also said, "In fact, it does not matter who the person is--there is only one Fa. Only by observing this Dafa can one meet the genuine standard." (Zhuan Falun) According to Master's requirement, we need to maintain good posture while practicing the sitting meditation. We must follow Master's requirements.

After looking within, I realized that I had always dozed off in the past. It was because of my attachment of comfort. I didn't discipline myself, and relaxed my sitting position so that I could be comfortable.

When this attachment appears in daily life, I am able to quickly detect and eliminate it. However, when it appeared while doing the exercises, I had ignored it.

Practicing such sacred exercises with the attachment of comfort, to put it more strongly, is disrespectful to Dafa and Master. Since Dafa is so precious and we have been waiting for Dafa for thousands of years, how can we practice the exercises with attachments?

Furthermore, as practitioners, if we always maintain the torso erect and the neck upright in daily life, we may present Dafa disciples' upright and dignified outlook, compassion and confidence. Therefore, we must not be attached to being comfortable. This is not only an issue of being respectful to Dafa and Master, but also the fact that if we don't follow the requirements, our practice is in vain. Everyone should strictly follow the requirements presented in The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa.