(Clearwisdom.net) The police illegally arrested Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yu Haiyang, from Huludao City, Liaoning Province, and filed a lawsuit against him. The local court opened trial on February 7, 2010, without notifying his family. His Beijing defense lawyer entered an innocent plea.

Forty-year-old Yu Haiyang is a resident of Xiaodeyingzi Township, Jianchang County, Huludao City. He and his wife Li Fengchun went to the Lianshan District Police Department's Domestic Security Division, and demanded that division head Zhang Jun return 4,800 yuan in cash, along with the private belongings that officials took during their home ransacking on May 8, 2009. They also wanted to submit a petition letter. Zhang Jun not only refused their requests but arrested Yu Haiyang and sent him to the Huludao City Detention Center. Yu Haiyang's wife managed to escape during the process. Huludao City Police Department planned to sue him. That is when his family hired Beijing human rights lawyers Lan Zhixue and Zhang Chuanli. The trial was originally scheduled for December 11, 2009.

Chinese Communist Party Afraid of People Learning the Truth

Falun Gong practitioners from Huludao City handed out letters, inviting people to hear how the lawyers handle Yu Haiyang's defense in court. Huludao City police dispatched agents late at night on December 8, 2009, and arrested eight practitioners. They also changed the trial date to prevent people from attending.

The trial opened without any prior announcement on February 7, 2010. Yu Haiyang's brother, sister and two other relatives, who rushed to the court when they became aware of the proceedings, were forbidden from entering the courthouse because they didn't have an auditing permit. Only officials from the Politics and Law Committee, the 610 Office and other government agencies had auditing permits. Meanwhile, armed police officers and plainclothes agents packed the inside and perimeter of the court and interrogated every passerby. Around 15 police cars and two anti-riot vehicles with no less than 100 police officers set up road-blocks and checkpoints. One local lawyer, accompanied by his assistant, said, "I really wanted to hear how the Beijing lawyers present a not-guilty plea, but now I don't dare to show up. I've seen lots of those plainclothes officers. They are all cops."

After the trial began at 9:30 a.m., defense lawyer Zhang Chuanli first asked Yu Haiyang why he practiced Falun Gong. Mr. Yu said, "I was nearly paralyzed from a car accident, and after I started practicing Falun Gong, I completely recovered, therefore I continued practicing." The public prosecutor cut him off and forbade the lawyer from asking Mr. Yu additional questions. The lawyer protested, "The public prosecutor interrupted the defense lawyer and the defendant, which constitutes a violation of legal procedures. I request the judge reproach the public prosecutor." Judge Li Dehai had to say, "Public prosecutor, beware!"

The defense lawyer said, regarding the so-called evidence presented by the Domestic Security Division, "Throughout the trial we have not seen any solid evidence that incriminates Yu Haiyang. We condemn the charges of 'sabotaging the administration of law' against Yu Haiyang without sufficient evidence and without following due legal procedures. Most of the presented evidence is ambiguous and contradictory, and our court will undoubtedly wrongfully incriminate an innocent man if its decision is based on this type of evidence."

Regarding Yu Haiyang's petition for the return of his 4,800 yuan stolen by police being construed as criminal behavior, the lawyer repudiated, "Please use legal terms here. Domestic Security Division officials need to educate themselves on what is presentable in court. Why did you describe Yu Haiyang as having 'stealthily gone to' the police department? Do you think this is the Cultural Revolution? Yu Haiyang was asking for the return of 4,800 yuan and personal property that officials had stolen. I request that the public prosecutor now read Yu Haiyang's petition statement in its entirety out loud. Is he advocating Falun Gong or is he upholding his legal rights? How is it a crime to ask for what is rightfully his? His statement is a most basic request, and one sentence is especially heart-wrenching--'4,800 yuan is not much for five security officials, but it's survival money for me and my family. I have to take care of my 70-year-old mother and teenage son, our apartment needs work, and now we have to rely on relatives and friends for basic things.' However, this statement was the basis for Yu Haiyang's repeated arrest and detention following his release on bail pending trial."

The lawyer's excellent defense positively impacted the trial outcome. The judge had originally planned to announce a sentence in court, but after the two defense lawyers made irrefutable arguments, head judge Li Dehai announced that further deliberations would be needed after the trial.

Falun Gong practitioners follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, which will only benefit society. Please extend a helping hand in ending this persecution, and help incarcerated Falun Gong practitioners reunite with their families. Your courage and acts of justice will bring you a wonderful future!