(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Lin Shaona's family became greatly concerned when they heard the news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer while in prison, and that the cancer was spreading. On the morning of March 4, Ms. Lin's husband and other members of the family went to the Guangdong Women's Prison to negotiate her release for medical treatment.

Ms. Lin's family met with Director Jiang of the 610 Office (Police ID #: 4455467). Jiang did not approve their request for her release, but asked the family instead to sign an agreement for Ms. Lin to undergo surgery at a hospital designated by the prison. Since Ms. Lin's family members did not know Ms. Lin's condition, they asked to meet with her and her doctor, and then decide. Director Jiang did not approve at first, nor did he disclose which hospital Ms. Lin was taken to. Then, he threatened Ms. Lin's family: "It does not matter if you sign the paper or not. As long as she has agreed to the operation, we will do it anyway." Ms. Lin's husband asked repeatedly to see her. Finally, prison officials allowed him to meet with her that afternoon.

Ms. Lin was being detained in the Guangdong Armed Police Hospital, and was in an extremely emaciated condition. The hospital doctor said that Ms. Lin's cancer had already spread, and that surgery would be ineffective. Ms. Lin's husband demanded that Ms. Lin be released on bail, but director Jiang refused, indicating that he still needed to observe the situation.

Ms. Lin Shaona is from Jieyang City of Guangdong Province, and was previously quite sick. Her father was a veteran Chinese medicine doctor, but could not cure her illnesses. Ms. Lin started practicing Falun Gong in 1998, and recovered her health quickly after that.

On September 2, 2009, Ms. Lin went to Shanqian Village of Xianqiao Township, Rongcheng District to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. She was illegally arrested by officers from the Xianqiao Police Station, then held at the Jieyang City Detention Center. During her detention, Ms. Lin's family was not allowed to visit her.

Ms. Lin's family was not allowed to see Ms. Lin until January 5, 2010. At that time, they were notified that the Rongcheng District Court had secretly sentenced Ms. Lin to a three-year prison term. Their visit lasted only a few minutes, and the meeting was terminated before they could ask specific questions. Ms. Lin appealed the police officials' accusation, and the court judge also admitted that Ms. Lin had not committed any criminal act.

On January 21, Ms. Lin's family went to the Rongchen Court to demand her release. Subsequently, the court officials presented the verdict them. The criminal accusation on the verdict stated: "Hindrance of Law Enforcement." The family asked the court to identify which law was hindered from enforcement, but the local court officials evaded the question and quickly replied: "We won't talk about this question now."

Later, Ms. Lin was secretly transferred to the Guangdong Women's Prison (Guangzhou Baiyun Women's Prison) to undergo further torture. Prison officials sent a letter to Ms. Lin's family on February 10, informing them that Ms. Lin had breast cancer. The family rushed to the prison to see Ms. Lin, but they were only allowed to see her through a glass window.

Guangdong Women's Prison:

Jiang (surname), director of 610 Office: 86-20-87413539, Police ID #: 4455467