(Clearwisdom.net) In Hiroshima's Alsok Hall on March 12, Shen Yun Performing Arts displayed China's five-millennium-old culture to the audience, leaving them in awe.

Among the highly appreciative audience was Kiguchi Shingo, a renowned sculptor. Upon hearing about the show from his friend, he drove for three hours from Okayama to Hiroshima just to see it.

Kiguchi Shingo, a renowned sculptor.

"The performance was so glamorous," said Kiguchi. "The girls' performance was absolutely beautiful. Their arms and the gestures of their fingers were so soft and neat--pretty beyond words. The men's dances were full of strength and vivacity. I could feel from them the spirit of classical Chinese dance. After attending today's performance, I am deeply touched."

Kiguchi, as an accomplished artist himself, noticed Shen Yun's unique stage presentation and costumes.

"The colors of the costumes blended very well with the colors of the stage," he said. "It has a Chinese flavor to it. Together with the three-dimensional backdrops, the show is well presented."

He was also delighted and moved by the blend of Chinese and Western instruments in the live orchestra.

"The music from the blend of the Chinese and Western instruments came out very unique. It opened my ears and eyes.

"I think their bringing forth a renaissance of traditional culture is very plausible and rare, especially when the show is done to a level in which the whole world praises. In this sense, Shen Yun is Chinese people's treasure and pride."

Calligraphy Teacher: 'Touching and beyond words'

Attracted by Shen Yun's advertisement in the newspaper, Japanese calligraphy teacher Mr. Yamamoto Masayoshi and his wife invited two friends to drive from the adjacent Yamaguchi Prefecture to Hiroshima to attend the show.

Japanese calligraphy teacher Mr. Yamamoto Masayoshi and his wife attend the Shen Yun show.

Mr. Yamamoto could not help exclaiming, "Shen Yun is indeed remarkable. Really wonderful! From the dancers' facial expressions to the strength they demonstrated on the stage, everything Shen Yun performed was very touching ...the backdrops and the colors of the costumes all matched so well. The coordination of the backdrops and the performers was perfect. It was really wonderful."

He also said that he was moved by the program Astounding Conviction, and said it reflected the current situation in China of the persecution of Falun Gong.

"It was my first time to attend the Shen Yun show. As introduced in the advertisement, what was presented by Shen Yun were classical Chinese dances," Mr. Yamamoto added.

He continued, "The movements of the dancers perfectly illustrated the joy, sadness, compassion and steadfastness [of the characters in the stories]. I was overwhelmed by these kinds of feelings, and I felt like dancing with them myself. Shen Yun was really very touching. It is beyond my words."

The two friends sitting next to them also exclaimed happily, "Shen Yun is remarkable. We love Shen Yun!"