Name: Yang Wenjie (杨文杰)
Gender: Female
Age: 48
Address: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Most Recent Arrest: March 2002
Most recent place of detention:
Wangcun Forced Labor Camp (王村劳教所)
City: Zhaoyuan
Persecution Suffered:
Detention, fired from workplace, beatings, being hung up, food deprivation, torture, physical constraint, solitary confinement, forced labor, denial of restroom use

( Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Yang Wenjian, a resident of Zhaoyuan City, was fired by her work unit because she remained steadfast in her belief. After losing her job, Ms. Yang went to Beijing to appeal but was arrested and held in a detention center for eight months. In March 2002, she was arrested by agents from Zhaoyuan City 610 Office while she was distributing Falun Gong informational materials. She was incarcerated in Wangcun Forced Labor Camp for three years and was brutally tortured.

Wangcun Labor Camp is a notorious place for the persecution of Dafa practitioners. At that time, the camp head was Liu Changzeng and the deputy head was Wang Jun; the section head was Xiao Aihua. Under their supervision, Falun Gong practitioners were forced to do hard labor for 16 to 17 hours a day. Everybody, old or young, was assigned the same amount of hard labor. The elderly practitioners over 60 or 70 years old could seldom finish their workloads on time each day, so the others had to take over parts of their work. It normally took them until 1:00 a.m. to finish their quotas. However, after that, some guards still ordered the practitioners to wash their clothes for them. Some even ordered the practitioners to wash the clothes for the guards' family members. The practitioners were forced to do heavy labor for no pay at all. However, the prices for the daily necessities sold at the labor camp store were twice as high as the prices outside. For each meal, the practitioners were only given two steamed buns. The practitioners had to depend on their families financially, but those whose families did not have enough money to support them had nothing to eat and barely survived. Chinese law says that labor camps in China should receive 100 yuan from the national government every month for each inmate. However, practitioners were only given 60 yuan per month for living expenses. The labor camp kept the rest of the government funding and used it themselves as extra bonuses for the camp employees. The team leaders have an extra-bonus pay of 1000 to 2000 yuan each month. For financial benefit, they sold their consciences and lives to the communist regime.

Because Ms. Yang refused to be "transformed," the guards frequently moved her from one team to another in order to subject her to all kinds of tortures. In Team 1, because she tried to stop people from reading the books that slandered Falun Gong, team leader Zhang Yan instigated seven to eight guards to strike and kick her. Ms. Yang was beaten to the ground, her mouth was sealed with tape, and she was handcuffed. Then the guards dragged her to the toilet, her hands cuffed behind her, and fastened her to a window frame. She could not move her hands at all, and her back was shoved against the windowsill. At the same time, four to five guards brutally struck her. They forced her to stand barefoot in water, then they stomped on her feet. Ms. Yang was struck so hard that her mouth bled and her bottom teeth were loosened. Furthermore, Zhang Yan instigated two drunken guards to brutally torture her. They beat and kicked her and slapped her face. For three days and nights, Ms. Yang was suspended f rom the window frame and given no food or water. As a result of such torture, she kept bleeding, her back was in extreme pain, and her legs were numb.

Afterwards, Ms. Yang was transferred to Team 3, where she was locked in a toilet and monitored by two people. Team leader Li Aiwen directed Li Qian, Cui Hongwen, Ding Haiying, Han Xinke, Yin Guihua, Zhang Fang, and Li Ying, and other guards to torture practitioners. The practitioners often screamed out in pain. The situation was really appalling.

One day when a practitioner was brutally tortured, her screams could be heard all over the building. Hearing the cries of misery, Ms. Yang tried to convince the guards to stop torturing the other practitioner. Guards Zhang Chunxia and Han Xinke grabbed then her and dragged her out of the cell. After brutally beating Ms. Yang, the two guards brought in section head Chen Suping. With the collaboration of seven to eight other section heads, Chen locked Ms. Yang in a solitary confinement cell. The guards tied Ms. Yang to a bed board with rope. She was unable to move at all. For nine days and nights, she was not given any food or water. The guards actually wanted to torture her to death. She was tortured so severely that she bled. Instead of untying her, the guards tried to force her to write the statement to denounce Falun Gong. After that, the guards locked her up in an uninhabited building for 15 days. She was not permitted to fall asleep until 2:00 a.m. (During those days, the guards made a special bed and kept it in the confinement cell designated for torturing practitioners.)

After 15 days, the guards brought Ms. Yang to the confinement cell again. They bound her hands double with a rope, shackled her feet, then tied her body up with a rope. Her hands, feet, and body were all cut and bruised. In addition, the guards put a wet mat underneath her. Then Li Ying began to hit Ms. Yang's face and head. The guards sealed her mouth with tape after a guard with surname Zhao stuffed Ms. Yang's mouth with a sanitary pad. Ms. Yang thus suffered from miserable torture, both day and night, for 40 days. After 40 days, she was allowed to sleep until after midnight and was tied up even when she was asleep. She was tortured this way for another 40 days and nights. The guards locked her up in the confinement cell for seven months. It was truly a hell on earth.

Under the orders of political head Yang Qing and section head Chen Suping, Ms. Yang was once again moved to the fourth floor, where she was tortured by guards Li Ying, Yu Ying and Shi around the clock. Yang Qing bought treats to encourage them and complimented the guards while they tied Ms. Yang's hands with a tightened rope. They tied one hand to a metal window frame and the other to a heating pipe. Since one location was high on the window and the other location was down on the heating pipe, Ms. Yang could neither stand up straight nor squat down completely. In addition, her knees and ankles were tied together because the guards wanted to stress her muscles. She was not allowed to use the toilet. For ten days and nights, she was prohibited from sleeping, and was kept tied up in the same position. These three guards tortured her almost to death. The handcuffs and ropes cut into her wrists (she still has scars), and her hands were numb and without feeling.

When Ms. Yang had her menstrual period, guard Li Ying stripped off her pants to humiliate her. Li Ying frequently went to different labor camps with male guards to try to "transform" practitioners using all kinds of despicable means.

In the evening on the tenth day, guard Li Ying opened one of the handcuffs and tried to force Ms. Yang to copy the communist regime's regulations. In the meanwhile, the three guards went to another room to gorge themselves on food and drink. In order to stop the guards from committing more crimes against Falun Gong and to end her extreme misery and humiliation, Ms. Yang hit her head on the granite corner of the window. She thought she would rather die than to give up Falun Gong. (Note: Self-destructive acts such as this go against Falun Gong teachings, so we can only imagine the great pain she had endured to this point.) When she regained consciousness, she was lying in a pool of blood. The next day, the guards took Ms. Yang to the hospital, where her wound was treated, but Yang Qing, Chen Suping and Li Ying still did not stop persecuting her. Ms. Yang was unable to stand up, because she was severely injured. The guards ordered her to sit on the ground and tied her hands behind her and to a chair. They tied her knees and ankles with ropes. She had to relieve herself on the ground. She had only thin clothes on in cold November. Her pants were wet repeatedly. With wet pants in the cold temperature, her misery was beyond words. She sat there for 11 days. For a total of 21 days, she was tortured. Under such intense pressure, Ms. Yang eventually signed the statement to denounce Falun Gong. After the guards released the handcuffs and untied the ropes, Ms. Yang could not stand, the flesh on her wrists and fingers was cut open and numb, her feet were stiff like wooden boards, and she was unable to move her toes at all.

After 21 days, the guards transported Ms. Yang to Team 3. Li Aiwen kept Ms. Yang separated from all the other practitioners because Li did not want the others to see how brutally Ms. Yang had been tortured. Ms. Yang was under the team leader's surveillance and she was only allowed to sleep after midnight, and then only with the handcuffs and shackles still on. Her legs were so injured that even after she was released after three years of forced labor, they did not heal.

Practitioner Ms. Wang Liping from Weifang refused to renounce her belief. Because of this, Xiao Aihua deliberately moved Ms. Wang from one team to another to be tortured. One of Ms. Wang's ears was almost pulled off. It developed gangrene, so her hair on that side of her head had to be cut off. Every practitioner who was detained at Wangcun Labor Camp has been tortured. The labor camp has committed unforgivable crimes against Falun Gong practitioners.

On February 14, 2002, after her term was over, Ms. Yang was transferred from the labor camp to the Zhaoyuan City Brainwashing Center sponsored by the Zhaoyuan City 610 Office. To find more information about the persecution that Ms. Yang suffered, please check out the online article: "Exposing Once Again the Vicious Deeds by the Vicious Forces from Zhaohua City 610 Office and the Brainwashing Center" (