Name: Li Haiqing (李海青)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Address: Unknown
Occupation: Security official

Date of Most Recent Arrest: February 29, 2004
Most Recent Place of Detention:
Weibei Prison (潍北监狱)
City: Weifang City
Shandong Province
Persecution Suffered:
Detention, home ransacking, extortion, physical constraint, sleep deprivation, interrogation, drugs administered, beatings, forced labor, forced injections, solitary confinement.

( Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Haiqing, an official from the Binzhou Medical Institute Security Division in Shandong Province was illegally arrested in 2004. He was held at Bincheng District Detention Center and Weibei Prison in Binzhou City. The police often laced his food and water with toxic substances.

Mr. Li previously suffered from numerous illnesses. He began practicing Falun Gong in 1997 and was soon cured of all his ailments. Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong in July 1999. Mr. Li was arrested many times and held at prisons and labor camps for his belief. He broke free in 2007 and is now living in exile.

Crimes at the Bincheng District Detention Center in Binzhou City

About twenty officers from the Bincheng District Police Department in Binzhou City broke into Li Haiqing's home on February 29, 2004, assisted by officials from his workplace, the Binzhou Medical Institute. Mr. Li refused to get into the police vehicle. A group of police officers carried him into the vehicle. He shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" and managed to get out of the vehicle several times, but was shoved back in. The police ransacked his home and business and took Falun Gong materials as well as computer(s), printer(s), copying machine(s), stapler(s), computer supplies, and recording devices valued at over 20,000 yuan. Also arrested was his wife. Mr. Li was taken to the police department, shackled to a metal chair, and deprived of sleep. He was interrogated for more than three months.

Guards and inmates persecuted Mr. Li between July 2004 and December 2004, while he was held at the Bincheng District Detention Center. Persecution methods included secretly lacing his food with mind-altering drugs and brutally beating him for long periods of time, until he lost consciousness. Sometimes prison personnel would draw a large volume of blood from him after long-term food and water deprivation, and then give him large quantities of meth-amphetamine and sedatives. They also tried to suffocate him on several occasions.

The guards secretly and continuously administered large quantities of psychotropic drugs. One morning after about three months, the guards, secret agents and inmates noticed that the drugs were starting to have an effect on Mr. Li, as he was lapsing into unconsciousness. They tried to kill him, but he suddenly came to, and the scheme failed. At night, several agents who stayed in the same cell with him used more drugs on him. They put the drugs in plastic eye-drop vials, and they claimed they needed the medications for themselves. In actuality, they slept beside Mr. Li and administered the drugs to him while he was sleeping. When Mr. Li awoke the next morning, his mind was foggy. Agent Liu ordered several men in the cell to lift Li Haiqing up and throw him towards the window. His head struck the window glass, and his body hit the metal window mullion and he bounced back onto the floor. Before he could get up, the abusers surrounded him, kicked and stomped him, and brutally attacked him until he lost consciousness.

Mr. Li suddenly came to and shouted, "What are you doing? Why are you hitting me?" He struggled to his feet and was amazed by his own strength. The abusers surrounding him were shocked by his sudden strength and took a few steps back. He didn't strike back and instead leaned against the wall because he still felt awful from the drugs.

Suddenly the door swung open with a loud bang, and in came four guards including Qu. Two of them violently punched Mr. Li's abdomen, and the other two whacked his chest and sides until he fell unconscious. They chained him to the death bed and put red ink on his forehead, and falsely claimed he was trying to escape and commit suicide, and said that he died in the process.

Mr. Li regained consciousness three hours later. Hearing this, detention center head Hu took a large rubber club and struck Mr. Li's head with brute force. The violence continued until Mr. Li stopped screaming and lost consciousness. Hu continued beating him a few more times and then returned to his office, cursing. Mr. Li's head was severely swollen from the beating, but he eventually regained consciousness. He couldn't open his eyes and had difficulty breathing. One week later he slowly recovered some mental capacity, and one of the inmates asked him, "Do you want to eat?" He said, "Yes." He had been unconscious for more than a month, during which time the guards never gave him a single grain of rice or a drop of water. An inmate then brought him half a cup of tofu with meat and two steamed buns. Plastic cups for instant food are not stocked at the detention facility, so the food obviously came from the guards. He was hungry and quickly started eating. Before he finished the first bun, however, he fell back into unconsciousness, likely because the food was laced with an excessive amount of drugs.

Several days later Mr. Li came to and said, "What happened? I want water." The guards refused, and he lost consciousness again after a few minutes. The guards said, "He is sick, take him to the clinic for a shot." He was carried to the clinic, but the medical staff first drew his blood before doing anything else.

One witness overheard the guards say that a high-ranking official had asked for Li Haiqing's blood as a gift. The doctor first examined his blood and said, "Wow! The quality of this blood is wonderful!"

After they took some blood, they gave him an IV infusion of an unknown drug. The doctor, who had recently been transferred to the detention center, was obviously frightened and was trembling while doing the infusion. The guards saw the doctor and ran to stand behind Li Haiqing. Two minutes after the infusion, Li Haiqing collapsed and lost consciousness.

Mr. Li remained unconscious for the next few days. Three or four days later the officials gave him another large IV infusion. He showed symptoms of someone who was near death. The guards sent a few death notices to his family and falsely claimed he died from a hunger strike. When his family arrived at the detention center to claim his body, officers from Bincheng District Police Department said, "There is no one here by the name of Li Haiqing." The fact was that Mr. Li had regained consciousness. He had not died, regardless of what was done to him by the abusers. It was as if divine beings were watching over him.

When the temperature at the detention center dropped below -18°C (0°F), the guards stripped him naked and tied him onto the death bed. They poured water on him and force-fed him drugs. This caused him to have diarrhea every day and made him incontinent. The guards gave him no food or water after the last time he ingested the suspicious food. After those days of abuse, although he was still alive, he was in lethargic sleep day and night.

One night, when all the others were asleep, several secret agents and guards tried to suffocate Mr. Li by putting their hands over his nose and mouth. They held their hands in place until he stopped struggling. They only let go until they were certain Mr. Li was dead. Miraculously, the instant they lifted their hands off Li Haiqing's face, his chest and abdomen, it was as if he had been shocked by a defibrillator. His heart beat again, and he started breathing again. He opened his eyes and looked at the abusers, whose faces turned ashen from fear. They tried to run away, but couldn't, because the cell door was locked.

Prior to this incident, Mr. Li Haiqing had told the people in the cell about the wonders of Falun Dafa, and he also explained things to the secret agents, but they refused to believe him, even though he made it back from the edge of death quite a few times. They insisted it was because he was resilient, but this time they were awestruck.

Mr. Li often slept and sometimes woke up but fell asleep again due to extreme weakness. They later attempted to suffocate and kill him again, covering his face much longer than the last time. This time, the exact same miracle happened. After that, a head abuser tried to do it again and ordered, "Wrap him in a blanket and suffocate him." But no one dared to do it again. In the time that followed, the guards sprayed his nasal area with drugs whenever he came to, making him lose consciousness a few seconds later. The guards kept doing that, wanting to keep him unconscious and in lethargic sleep all the time.

One day, as Mr. Li woke up, he asked for food and water. Instead of spraying him with the drug, they brought a large metal bowl from their office and said, "Here is water." He was very thirsty because he hadn't had water for many days, and yet he did not die, which befuddled the guards and secret agents. He quickly downed the entire bowl, but only afterwards did he learn that it was not water but kerosene laced with unknown drugs. He fell back into deep unconsciousness. That night, five people wearing white coats came and put him in a cadaver pouch. Just as they were zipping up the bag Li Haiqing sat up, looked at them and said, "What are you doing?" They were frightened and dispersed. He passed out after a few minutes and this time did not awaken until December 18, 2004, when the guards stabbed him with a needle. He woke up and ate and drank as if nothing had happened. He was only slightly weak. The guards mumbled to themselves, "This is because of that Gong!" They dared not mention the words "Falun Gong."

Crimes at Weibei Prison

Mr. Li Haiqing was transferred to Division 5 at the Weibei Prison Forced Labor Camp on December 20, 2004, and forced to work 16 hours a day. He told the inmates and guards about the persecution at the Bincheng District Detention Center, especially revealing the abuse he was subjected to, while talking with officials at the Investigation Section of Weibei Prison. As a result, the labor camp abused and mistreated him cruelly from February 2007 to November 5, 2007, when he left the prison. The guards ordered him to write the Chinese word "fortune" with a brush prior to the 2007 Chinese New Year, and he wrote many. After he finished writing, the inmate in charge (a secret agent) gave him what he called "tea."

Li Haiqing thought the liquid was bitter and returned to the cell from the guards office without drinking very much of it. However, the water contained large quantity of meth-amphetamine and psychotropic drugs that would be enough to cause mental aberration.

The guards had planned to cause him to lose his mind and suffer a mental collapse from the drug effects, so they could shoot him, claiming that he was trying to escape from prison. In 90% of previous escape cases, the inmates had been secretly given psychotropic drugs, then purposely murdered by the guards as they frantically tried to escape.

When Mr. Li woke up the next morning he acted completely normal, except he felt lightheaded. The secret agent who gave him the liquid also told him to run here and there, trying to make him run wild, but he did not comply. The officials then ordered him to go to the office to do calligraphy. This time they put poison on the brush and left quickly to avoid poisoning themselves. After the poison should have taken effect, the secret agents, guards, camp factory head and the political head told Mr. Li to post holiday banners at the prison's front gate and assigned two brawny inmates to "help" him. However, his behavior was completely normal. They put an even larger dose of sedatives and nerve-damaging drugs in his lunch and water. After lunch he became somewhat abnormal, speaking with a loud voice, as if he was giving a speech.

The guards took him to their office, and he then lost consciousness. When he woke up, he found himself in the clinic with eight people holding his neck and covering his nose and mouth, trying to suffocate him. The guards called about 15 people to hold him down, but they couldn't do it, despite using all their strength. Mr. Li began singing and speaking about why Jiang Zemin's group wanted to persecute Falun Gong. Some of the persecutors couldn't help but laugh out loud.

The guards gave Mr. Li injections and locked him in solitary confinement where they savagely beat his head with a thick wooden club until he appeared to be dead. They never attempted to rescue him, but he always recovered on his own. The guards gave him a shot whenever he woke up, which sent him back into unconsciousness or an abnormal mental state. When he again appeared dead, the inmates carried him to the guards' office, but the guards told them to leave him outside, under the corridor eaves. They brought him back again into the cell after he woke up. He was abused and maltreated at the prison until November 5, 2007, after which he left the prison and went into exile.