Clearing away clouds and stepping into Dafa practice

I am a teacher, and I teach students all year long. One spring day in 1999, a student's parent, Ms. Wu, sent me a copy of Zhuan Falun. I began to read the book that night. When I saw Master's picture, tears fell from my eyes without my realizing it. Deep in my heart, I was telling Master how I had been wronged in my life. Master's eyes also turned red. He indicated to me that I should quickly read the book and then I would be able to understand everything. I finished reading three lectures the first night. The next day when I woke up, I could feel electricity from whatever I touched, including from non-metallic objects. After that I went through the process of having my body cleansed. Within one week, I got rid of all my illnesses. Since then, I have studied the Fa and done the exercises every day. I was diligent in my cultivation and was bathed in Fa's illumination. I seemed to become 20 years younger.

However, within 10 days of when I first started practicing Dafa, the persecution began. Each day, I studied at least three lectures. I often entered another realm. I was also very diligent in doing the exercises. When I was doing the sitting meditation, I felt so much pain in my legs that I could not breathe, but I was reluctant to take them out of the full lotus position. After doing the exercises, I felt reborn. I could deeply feel the inner peace and happiness of a life bathed in the light of the Fa!

Letting go of life and death, clarifying the truth

It might be that, because I studied that Fa a lot, Master gave us some hints. Practitioners from other places brought me materials such as "Samples of Crimes Committed by Guards at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp" and "Ten Charges against Jiang Zemin." Ms. Wu and I went out that same night and posted those materials. The lights in the center of the city were very bright, and many people were walking by. We posted the leaflets on the doors and walls of stores near the street. We even posted them on the electrical pole in front of the police station. After we posted them, people would read them right away. Later on, police officers were watching nearby. We went to another street to post the leaflets. We put the last one on the gate of the Education Bureau. Then we realized that we had used up two bottles of glue. Our hands and feet were numb because of the cold, but we both went home happy after posting all of those leaflets.

Many miracles happened when we were distributing materials. On a dark night, my child and I were posting leaflets. We wondered if we were putting them upside down. In my heart, I asked Master to help me. Suddenly I noticed that my hands were glowing, and I could clearly see the characters on the leaflets. Each time I posted a leaflet, a light would flash once. My child was shocked to see it. When we were busy putting up the leaflets, my child said, "Take it down. Someone is coming." Just as I was about to take it down, a thought came into my mind, telling me do not take it off and that I should ask him to go away. I walked directly towards the person. He suddenly turned around and walked away. Another time I was distributing materials in the daytime and everything was going smoothly when I noticed that an older man with a baby walking across the road. He saw me distributing the materials, so I sent out a thought towards him: "I am saving people. Don't come here." He really heard my thought. He hummed a tune and turned away. It might be that in my heart I only wanted to save people and I was not afraid at all. I felt that I was a protagonist and I should decide how things should go.

In those years, my home naturally became a Fa study group and exercise site. Fellow practitioners all wanted to come to my home. We studied the Fa and did the exercises during the day. At night, we would go out and distribute leaflets. Fellow practitioners learned from each other in cultivation and helped each other, and we coordinated very well all the time. I also set up a Fa study group for young kids. Over a dozen young kids came to my home for "private tutoring" and then studied the Fa. I would first began the class and then we would study the Fa for over two hours. Each day more practitioners came to join our Fa study. A few years have passed, and now those young fellow practitioners have all gone to good colleges. Recalling those time, I still miss those unforgettable days.

Not giving in the face of persecution

On April 19, 2002, a group of police officers picked me up and took me to a detention center. As soon as I arrived, the police began to try to tear out the steel in my leather shoes. I tried to stop them, but they would not listen. Then I thought to myself: "They will not be able to tear out the steel." As a result, even though they tried a long time, they could not get the steel out. I began a hunger strike as soon as I was admitted to the detention center. The head of the center, the jail doctor, and about eight police officers held me down on the floor. Someone pinched my nose, two held my arms down, and four knelt on my legs. They poked a rubber tube connected to a funnel down my esophagus. A half bottle of big grains of salt was poured into that funnel and then they poured in cold water. I struggled in pain and almost suffocated. They still would not give up. Right when I felt that I only had one breath left, out of a sense of self-preservation I shouted in my heart: "Master, please save me!" Immediately, salt and blood mixed with water erupted up out of the funnel. It frightened the officers and the doctor, and they took out the tube. Then they handcuffed me with an 18-pound handcuff onto a ring in the floor. The police left. I involuntarily vomited. It was Master who help me to push the dirty staff out of my body. Fellow practitioners cried and asked if I was OK. I was in great pain and answered with my eyes closed, "I will be OK." Fellow practitioners cried. I quickly fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt warm in my heart and did not feel any pain at all. I told them that I dreamed that Master came to see me, but I did not remember what Master had said to me. Fellow practitioners were very encouraged.

Imprisoned but firmly determined

In the forced labor camp, guards held me in solitary confinement. Over ten brainwashing accomplices besieged me all day long. The irony was that their fallacious claims were simply untenable. Nobody could change my firm belief. Six months later, they still could not "transform" me. The guards locked me in the coldest cell in the forced labor camp. They tore out the heater. There was ice on the window and in the corners. I knew that no matter what kind of evil persecution I encountered, I would never be "transformed." As soon as I entered to the camp, I had told the police that I would be like the standing dead and never kneel to them. (Of course, I would not have such a thought now. They are not qualified to persecute me.) However, after I entered that solitary confinement, no matter how many clothes I put on, I still could not keep from shivering from the cold. I could not help feeling sad. One day after I was there for a few days, I felt extremely sleepy. I fell asleep for a short while. Right after I fell asleep, I heard songs playing in the sky and woke up after hearing four sentences. I felt so thankful for Master's encouragement by using those songs. Suddenly, a golden light shone on the wall next to the bed. I sat up and looked closer and saw that two square-shaped characters had been inscribed on the wall: "Be Firm!" Tears ran down cheeks. I did not feel sad anymore, and neither did I feel the cold. I said to myself, "Master, I must break through this pass."

Saving Sentient Beings with No Delay

After returning home, I first exposed the evil persecution going on in the forced labor camp on the Clearwisdom website. Then I wrote letters to the local 610 Office, judicial and public security division, detention center, etc. While exposing the persecution, I wanted to awaken their conscience and benevolent thoughts. The director of the Public Security Bureau was touched. After receiving my letter, one month later, he retired. Before he left his position, he asked his wife to let other Dafa practitioners know that the new director was planning a large scale search on such and such a date and told practitioners to be more careful. I was pleased to see a life awakened and saved. This event caused a big sensation among the locals. At the detention center, there were no more brutal forced feedings of practitioners on hunger strikes. More people got to learn the truth about Dafa and gained a new life.

I began to talk face-to-face to people to try to persuade them withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I especially persuaded all of my students, and almost all of their parents withdrew from CCP organizations, too. Some of my students who quit the CCP organizations even convinced their classmates to withdraw. These students have good scores in their studies.

One should not be so anxious when clarifying the truth. I tried to persuade my sister-in-law's family members to withdraw from all the CCP organizations, but they were displeased with me and even said I was insane behind my back. My sister-in-law said we should not be concerned about them, that it was their choice to listen to me or not. I sent forth righteous thoughts every day and helped cleanse their time space. Less than three weeks later, my sister-in-law's family members voluntarily asked me to help them to withdraw from the CCP organizations. What was even more unusual was that, after my sister-in-law's family withdrew from the CCP, the husband voluntarily persuaded his own parents to withdraw. Nearly 20 people were saved. From this I realized that we should be patient when clarifying the truth and trying to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP. By truly considering their position, we will be able to save sentient beings.

Published on February 3, 2010.