(Clearwisdom.net) The following is my husband's miraculous story. He is 68 years old. His liver cancer disappeared after he became a Falun Dafa practitioner in 2008.

My husband was diagnosed with liver cancer at a physical examination at his work unit in May 2008. The diagnosis was confirmed after further examination by experts at large hospitals. To ease my children's anxiety in hearing the news, my husband was sent to the Beijing Tumor Hospital the same night and stayed there for 40 days.

After coming back home from the hospital, I thought that only Dafa might save him. Who can save a person with terminal diseases? Cancer is like a death sentence, no matter how powerful or rich the person it strikes. Yet some people say "Giving the book Zhuan Falun is worth more than tens of thousands of yuan, and being a Falun Gong practitioner is worth more than being a millionaire." I talked with my husband about this, explaining that although we did not have power and wealth, we had Dafa. I have benefited from Dafa for twelve years. I used to have more than 26 diseases. I was emaciated, walked with difficultly, and was constantly fatigued. Since I obtained the Fa, all of those problems have disappeared, without medicine or any medical expense. Now I am healthy with a rosy face and my weight has increased. All my acquaintances have asked me how I have nourished myself so well. I have simply told them that practicing Dafa has given me such great health. Soon after my husband's diagnosis, I persuaded him to join me in cultivation.

My husband was concerned about his health. I calmly and slowly explained to him the truth of Dafa. He realized that, as a nearly 70-year-old woman, I could climb stairs like a young person, and easily carry a 55 lb bag of flour up to the fourth floor. I also told him about the wonderful benefits of practicing Falun Gong; one can be free of all illnesses at no cost. He replied, "I cannot practice it; you go ahead," and then walked away. I kept trying to persuade him day and night, even at dinner time, and he kept ignoring me, even though he knew that Dafa was good. He claimed that he was illiterate and not smart enough to learn Dafa. I told him that Teacher said that learning Dafa depends on one's heart and anyone can do it as long as he or she is determined. I added that we had Teacher's video and audio tapes and I could also read the Fa to him. However, I then realized what I had tried to do was not right because Dafa cultivation is very solemn: Cultivation cannot be done by force. I had wanted him to learn so intensely because he was my husband and I was worried about his illness. My children had covered up his illness, but I felt it would do more harm to him to not tell him the truth. When he learned about his cancer, he was so scared that his hands began shaking and his facial expression changed. I comforted him and told him not to be afraid. I told him that medical treatment can only reach a certain level and that only Dafa could save him. More than 100 million practitioners have verified that Teacher will help genuine practitioners eliminate their illnesses. I advised him to think wisely that it would depend on himself to choose his course.

He started doing the exercises with me on September 26, 2008. Feeling like he was re-born a few days later, he was determined to be a practitioner. We have done the exercises together since then. Since he only learned to read a few words during his service in the army, I read the Fa to him. He now reads Zhuan Falun himself.

He used to have lower back pain and sometimes was unable to move. On one occasion, I exerted hard pressure to his back multiple times and the pain went away the next day. The problem came back one month later and I did not feel that I should do this to his back again. My son called his doctors to help him. When the pain returned, he lied down quietly the whole day and the pain eventually disappeared. Since then the pain has never recurred. He himself felt it very mysterious.

One midnight, in the spring of 2009, my husband came down with a fever of 39 degrees Celsius. He asked me to cover him with a thick quilt and read the Fa to him. After reading two pages, his temperature reached 43 degrees (a very high fever). His teeth chattered and his whole body trembled, causing the bed to shake. But he was not afraid of his condition. After a few sips of hot water, we continued studying the Fa. The bed stopped shaking after a few minutes of Fa study. When asked how he was feeling, he replied that he felt fine and then fell asleep. His temperature was 38.5 degrees. A non-practitioner with a body temperature of 43 degrees would be sent to the hospital for urgent care. We both knew that it was the incredible power of Dafa that caused his fever to drop in such a short time. We both were deeply moved.

One day in the fall, my husband had a temperature as high as 43 degrees again for four days. He was scared and wanted to be admitted to the hospital. During his ten-day stay, the hospital performed a complete physical examination and everything was normal. They could not determine the cause of his high temperature nor could they locate the cancer cells indicated in his medical records, even with help from skilled medical practitioners. All of the doctors were surprised that the cancer had disappeared.

During my husband's admission, I told his doctor about his dramatic recovery from his high fever. I told him that both my husband and I were Falun Gong practitioners. My husband was a beginner and I had practiced for 12 years. As a doctor, he could tell I was free of illness. But I had a lot of health problems 12 years ago. I told him that my Teacher had eliminated my diseases one by one after I became a Falun Dafa practitioner and that I have not taken any medicine over the past twelve years. After telling him about our practice, he said, "Since you have a better method of treatment, you should have let me know sooner. Your husband can be discharged at noon." The doctor gave me his phone number and told me to contact him if necessary. We started to practice the exercises right after we came home. I reported my husband's conditions to the doctor four days later. The doctor was happy and told me to continue what we have been doing. He wished our family success! This doctor is a clear-thinking professional and I am really happy for him.

My husband used to only follow me passively in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. Since this experience, however, he firmly believes in Dafa. He doesn't depend on me anymore. When I'm busy, he will study the Fa himself by reading, listening to the tapes and watching videos. Now, he is very healthy. He no longer goes to the fitness center. He said from the bottom of his heart that his cancer disappeared because he became a practitioner. He knows he has to diligently study the Fa and practice the exercises so that he will be worthy of Teacher's salvation!